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To Trial or Not to Trial: That Is the Question

By Hilary Wright

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If your loved one does decide to participate in a cancer clinical trial, both of you will be working closely with the research team. Members on this team include doctors other than and including your loved one’s specialist, nurses, social workers, and dietitians. All of these people are there to provide care, health monitoring and to give specific instructions about the study. It is extremely important to follow the instructions that are given exactly, including taking all medication which may be prescribed during the trial. Any deviation from the protocol will lead not only to inaccurate and erroneous information, but it could also endanger the health and well-being of your loved one. Just remember, with a cancer clinical trial comes hope and possibilities; the hope of having more time with your loved one, and the incredible possibility that a cure may be discovered from all the hard work and dedication of both the caregiving and research teams!

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