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Lung Cancer Care
By Cheryl Ellis, Staff Writer

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Is Clinical Trial Right for us?

Connecting with the appropriate trial that allows the individual to receive cutting edge treatment is not as hard as it once was. There are sites online that allow for “matching” to the appropriate trial. These sources offer detailed processing to ensure the person is in the correct trial. The National Cancer Institute has an online help form to locate clinical trials and the results of some trials are available:

Aside from the altruistic benefits of participating in a trial, there are many personal advantages. Caregiver and loved one can take part in counseling and advanced cancer management strategies, the benefits of which continue after the trial has concluded.

Information from the clinical trial will help your loved one’s doctor in enhancing their care. If the trial medication or therapy does not provide a significantly positive outcome, it can help doctors redirect their therapy in a direction to enhance treatment. Many clinical trials provide information for physicians that could not be obtained with traditional therapy. The amount of monitoring, cross-referencing and documentation provide useful details about the “concentrated care” a clinical trial offers.

A clinical trial is not a “last resort,” although it can provide help for some individuals where current therapy is at a transition point. Bright alternatives and new frontiers are available for any who participate in a trial, especially in the age of “ideal” matching of patient to clinical trial.

Understanding your own expectations (and especially your loved one’s) will help you as the study progresses. Don’t be afraid to discuss your hopes with the staff so you can begin the experience feeling at ease.

Cancer, a devastating word to hear in conjunction with your loved one’s health and future, can be a health crisis that bonds everyone involved, helping to create the healing “cure” that balances not only the cells, but the soul.

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