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Welcome to CareNotes. In this special section we will feature a reader's letter and provide an opportunity for an interactive exchange that will help find some answers and possible solutions to concerns. If you wish to respond to this letter, simple follow the link provided at the end of the letter and add your comments and thoughts to our CareNotes Board.

This Week's Carenote - 12/16/14


Can you direct me to some information regarding the caregiver being the victim of physical assaults? All searches lead me to elderly abuse as in the elderly person is being abused, rather than the elderly person being the violent party. Information concerning dementia and violence/violent behavior would be of particular interest.


Shared by: Carolyn
North Bethesda, MD

A tip sheet from the National Institute on Aging (NIA), Coping with Agitation and Aggression: Alzheimer's Caregiving Tips, has this advice:

When the person is aggressive, protect yourself and others. If you have to, stay at a safe distance from the person until the behavior stops. Also try to protect the person from hurting himself or herself.

Shared by: Sandi
North Dakota

Blair...I can understand well. I am a victim of assault from my husband with Early Age Onset AD. Check online for Alzheimers-Aggression. Alz Assn, Caregivers and Mayo Clinic are good websites also. The most important: if you are the persons medical provider ASAP. Medications can help to calm this. Don't let it get worse and don't be a victim. The person with AD doesn't always know what they are doing at that stage. Find out the stage your person is at, ways to cope safely. There are causes for example is fear. It is a "fight or flight" response and meds can subdue.


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