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Welcome to CareNotes. In this special section we will feature a reader's letter and provide an opportunity for an interactive exchange that will help find some answers and possible solutions to concerns. If you wish to respond to this letter, simple follow the link provided at the end of the letter and add your comments and thoughts to our CareNotes Board.

This Week's Carenote - 01/31/12

How/where do I find someone to "talk" to when I am at my wit's end?  I have a caregiver therapist, but I see him once a week for 50 minutes and it is expensive. The moments I need to vent the most don't always coincide with my appointment.  Is there a 24-hour chat line?  How do I get on it?

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Name: madelyn balitz
Location: Sarasota Florida
Date: 02/01/2012
Time: 05:57 PM


HI Sandra...I understand how you feel. My caregiver role ended Nov. 30, 2011 after 9 years of caring for my mother. Now I am surpised how much I miss that role even though while I was in it....I was at wit's end at times! All I can say is that when I was going through it, more than talking to a friend or attending a caregiver group...I would "treat" myself to a new top, meal or somethng small to celebrate ME...I journalled alot too and now that is very speacial to me....I hated when others would say "this too will pass" so I will never say that to anyone. What I would say is find the inner joy and respect for what you are doing as a caregiver and find small ways to rejoice in that special part of you that "Cares". This caregiver role is THE most dignified caring and respectful thing to do for another human being. Do something nice for YOU!

Name: tj
Location: wv
Date: 01/31/2012
Time: 12:47 PM


Check with your local senior center or area agency on aging for caregiver resources. If you have access to the internet you can find online caregiver groups. It is not an easy task to be a caregiver, it is difficult to find the right balance. If your loved one has dementia contact the alzheimer's association for caregiver resources. Check with your local hospital, they may also have caregiver resources. Good luck,

Name: Marion Olender
Location: Covina, CA
Date: 01/31/2012
Time: 09:25 AM


Hi Sandra, I feel just like you do. I found some urls on line--which you might be able to use if you have use of a computer in your home.--- 1-12 of 12 Listings A Little Heart to Heart Message Board. Be sure and see the entire site. Chat and Message Board. Alzheimer's Caregivers Chat Room. Chat Rooms and Message Boards. Alzheimer's Support Group. Three Chat Rooms. Discussion Forum. Scheduled Chats. Elder-Care Online Chat Room. Chat Room, Link on Main Page. MSN Groups Alzheimers Support. Silverado Seniors Chat Room. Third Age Chat Room. And I am a caregiver who needs someone to talk to also. Here is my e-mail, if this is allowed. Please e-mail me if you feel the need. ....marion

Name: Nicole
Location: North Carolina
Date: 01/31/2012
Time: 06:22 AM


If the person you are caring for has any type of dementia (even if it has not been diagnosed or is only suspected), you can call the Alzheimer's Association's 24 HOUR Helpline. 1-800-272-3900

Name: Karen Myatt
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Date: 01/28/2012
Time: 03:49 PM


Sandra, Log onto There's a 800 number helpline. You will find lots of caregiving tips. I don't know if your loved one has alzheimers, but caregiving is caregiving, no matter what your loved ones diagnosis is. Hang in there. Karen



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