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Welcome to CareNotes. In this special section we will feature a reader's letter and provide an opportunity for an interactive exchange that will help find some answers and possible solutions to concerns. If you wish to respond to this letter, simple follow the link provided at the end of the letter and add your comments and thoughts to our CareNotes Board.

This Week's Carenote - 09/11/09

My Mom has a brain tumor and has been living with it for 7 years. She has endured a broken humurus bone twice and contracted staph infection. Before she knew she had a brain tumor she broke her hip and since July 4th 09, she has been with a cracked knee cap (on her left knee) which is weak because of her tumor being on the right side of her brain.

I am primary caregiver to her and her youngest child. A facility is coming out to do paper work on her knee to see if she can be entered into a health care facility for her knee rehab. She has NOT been herself lately and has almost done me in. I guess most of all I need prayer, but if there is any special things you do for caregivers, I am up for it.

Thanks for listening!

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Name: Tamara G. Battice
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Date: 09/11/2009
Time: 12:11 PM


My dear friend, I may not know your name but our heavenly Father knows you by name and I pray that His strength will be made perfect as you serve as a caregiver! I understand what that is all about. I was the primary caregiver for my mom, grand-mother and now great-aunt. It is a hard calling but G-D is faithful!!! We cry, get angry, do not want to do it, but do it anyway. You are doing a great work and you will be blessed as you are already blessed to be in your right mind and in a reasonable portion of health and strength! G-D bless you and keep you and keep me in your prayers as well!

Name: Barb B
Location: Montrose, CO
Date: 09/14/2009
Time: 01:42 PM


Check with your local Area Agency on Aging. They have information on programs that may be able help you have some time off from your caregiving duties while helping your mom.


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