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Welcome to CareNotes. In this special section we will feature a reader's letter and provide an opportunity for an interactive exchange that will help find some answers and possible solutions to concerns. If you wish to respond to this letter, simple follow the link provided at the end of the letter and add your comments and thoughts to our CareNotes Board.

This Week's Carenote - 06/04/09
I'm currently a caregiver for my 78 year old mother, 42 year old brother with downs syndrome and my 11 year old granddaughter. Recently divorced after 17 years of marriage, I had to leave my home to take care of my mother. She currently lives in a 2 bedroom apartment. She couldn't come live with me as I was renting and she is unable to navigate steps.

Right now I'm just so tired. I work full time, very involved in my church and other activities, but taking care of mom is hard. I have no one else to help especially when it comes to taking her to her doctor's appointment. She has missed key appointments because I can't keep taking the time off.

I live in Philadelphia and can't seem to find any programs that can assist with a companion for appointments. She is mobile, but unstable so I can't sign her up with the transportation companies as again she needs assistance.

If anyone has any information please help! I can't afford to lose my job or have her miss her appointments.



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Name: Robin
Location: Baltimore, MD
Date: 06/04/2009
Time: 06:24 AM


I have a caregiver service for 2 days a week. The person who comes in can help my Dad with many of his personal needs as well as take him to appointments, etc. My best advice is to see if there is an agency in your area that provides this type of service. Do a search online and put in "Senior caregiver service" and your city. You should find a few places to start your search. Best wishes. I understand how hard and challenging this is.

Date: 06/04/2009
Time: 06:49 AM


As Facilitator of Caring for the Caregivers Support Group, I have gone online to help find the Area Agency on Aging...After I read your question, I encourage you to make contact with the Philadelphia at: May this be a good contact for you. God Bless You and your Families! Emilie A. Campbell

Name: renee
Location: philadelphia
Date: 06/04/2009
Time: 06:51 AM


Temple U has a program just for caregivers. I do not know if they take anyone to Dr. appts. but they do come to give the caregiver a break. It is called Time Out. Give them a try. Good luck.

Name: Robin C.
Location: Columbia, MO
Date: 06/04/2009
Time: 07:19 AM


You might try contacting the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging at 642 N. Broad St. in Philadelphia 19130-3409. Their website is: and their email address is: Their business phone number is: 215-765-9000. You might also call the information phone number at 215-765-9040. If this doesn't help you, you might try the Pennsylvania Dept. of Aging at 717-783-1550. My directory is dated 2006-2007, so I hope this information proves accurate for you. Good Luck!

Name: Gene Landry
Location: Faith in Action Caregivers - Round Rock
Date: 06/04/2009
Time: 07:27 AM


Try one of these groups: Philadelphia Common Bond Caregivers 8015 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19136-2736 Contact: Mr. Michael Domer Ph: (215) 335-4416 Fax: (215) 338-4426 Print info | Email | Web site Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, M - F Service Area: Northeast Philadelphia Serves: Alzheimers/Dementia; Developmentally Disabled; Frail/Elderly; Mentally Ill; Physically Disabled; Terminally Ill Services: Chores; Friendly Visit; Link People; Respite Care; Shopping; Telephone Reassurance; Transportation Faith in Action Outreach Program of Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly 642 North Broad Street, Lobby Level Philadelphia, PA 19130-3424 Contact: Ms. Sandra Bartusis Ph: (215) 765-8118 Fax: (215) 765-8116 Print info | Email Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Service Area: Philadelphia County Serves: Frail/Elderly Services: Friendly Visit; Link People; Telephone Reassurance Description: Program primarily serves isolated elderly aged 62 and over.

Name: Kathleen McCafferty
Location: Philadelphia , HELPsource Home Health
Date: 06/04/2009
Time: 07:28 AM


Our agency has just what you ordered!! We provide Medical Escort Service. We provide a driving home health aide, who will provide pick up delivery, escort home, pick up of new meds scripts and any personal care assistance that is necessary to complete the escort. Please call me @215-881-4708.

Name: Boots
Location: Washington state
Date: 06/04/2009
Time: 08:40 AM


Oh my dear you DO have your hands full!!! I pray for you!!! I went online to Google and typed in Elder Caregivers in Philadelphia and also Caregiver Assistance in Philadelphia. There are lots of sites you can click on for information especially the second one. The Philadelphia Senior Center has helpful information on the left side of their site. Social Services there could probably direct you for financial help too or bonded reliable caregivers. I take care of my 90 year old mother and my sister and I found lot of help through Senior Services and at the local hospital Social Services. Many states now pay, after assessment, for a caregiver and that caregiver can be a family member too. It would not hurt to look at that. Does your church have a caregiver ministry??Or someone in the pastoral office with caregiver information. I hope some of this helps...take care..Praying for you!

Location: Delaware County, PA
Date: 06/08/2009
Time: 08:17 AM


Contact your Area Agency on Aging, ASAP, for resources! If you your mother lives within city limits, that will be Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (215-765-9040). If you live in Delaware County, call COSA (610-490-1300). Bucks County and Montgomery County also have their own AAA. Ask for a FREE assessment. Your mom may qualify for quite a few things, and you will certainly get help in finding resources outside of this agency, as well.

Name: Marsha Swann
Location: Houston Texas
Date: 06/21/2009
Time: 04:57 PM


Regarding your absences from work: Please check with your company's Human Resources about FMLA, Family Medical Leave. This benefit can be used for oneself and for caring for a family member. Using this benefit allows approved absences to be recorded as FMLA-illness (you use your sick leave for yourself), FMLA-Vacation (you are required to use vacation when absent due to a caregiver responsibility to a family member) or FMLA-absent (when all paid leave is used up. Utilizing the FMLA benefit should make it easier for you with your direct line supervisor(s) and management as it is approved through HR. Having your absences recorded as FMLA signals to anyone reviewing your time and attendance records that an approved situation existed for your absences. God Bless You for giving your time to your family!


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