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July 3, 2014
Issue #728
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From the Editor's Pen Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg
599,616,000 Seconds of Service – So Far

Tomorrow, as we celebrate America’s anniversary with fireworks, parades and pie, we at Caregiver Media Group will be celebrating another anniversary, as well. (More pie! Yay!)

It was on a very rainy fourth day in July, 1995, that I went to a printer’s loading dock to pick up the first issue of Today’s Caregiver magazine.  Nine months earlier, I had returned to South Florida to help my mom as she cared for our grandparents. This was shortly after Mom’s caregiving ended for my dad, who developed bone marrow cancer within a few months of retiring in 1990.

I had always admired my mom, but never more than when I had stepped into her world as a family caregiver. I met so many family caregivers as I endeavored to help Mom those early months and found that each one of them had solved at least one piece of the caregiving puzzle that other caregivers needed, but there was no forum for sharing this wisdom  ...more



Medication Management
in Disaster Planning

A family disaster plan can be of valuable assistance to every member of the family. In order for it to be effective, however, it needs to encompass all aspects of your current living situation. When considering a home or family disaster plan, it is easy to overlook medications and the special needs of family members  ...more

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Caregiving for a Parent
or Elderly Person
By Patricia St. Clair

Throughout our lives we are usually identified by our roles as son, daughter, brother, sister or parent.

As our parents age, however, roles often reverse or take on new meanings. Because today's baby-boomers increasingly find themselves assuming the role of "caregiver," they begin to feel the necessity to become proactive in the care of one or both parents  ...more

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Hyperthermia: Too Hot for Your Health

During the summer, it is important for everyone, especially older adults and people with chronic medical conditions, to be aware of the dangers of hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is an abnormally high body temperature caused by a failure of the heat-regulating mechanisms in the body to deal with the heat coming from the environment. Heat stroke, heat syncope (sudden dizziness after prolonged exposure to the heat), heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat fatigue are common forms of hyperthermia. People can be at increased risk for these conditions, depending on the combination of outside temperature, their general health and individual lifestyle  ...more

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The Love Affair of Two Writers
Writhed by MS
By Anita Stienstra

His rises moan
where once there
rose gentle verbiage
like Morning, Lover!
I flinch in his displeasure
to face another day where
all his nouns rely on how
his verbs are responding.
Where even having
every day off
is work, and sleeping in
means stiffness and spasms.
He turns, tumbles into me,
and I am glad for the touch.
There are no words
that help his struggle
or ease my sadness or tell
him how helpless I feel, or
how much I know
he aches with helplessness too ...more

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