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June 19, 2014
Issue #724
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From the Editor's Pen Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg

Howdy from Hannah

Two weeks ago, I shared the story of Hannah and Her Sister (no, not the Woody Allen movie), and so many of you so graciously sent emails filled with advice and support. I want to share a short update from Hannah and then some of the many responses you sent over the past few weeks.

Dear Gary,
I have to tell you that I would be less sad at this moment if Mom had died! She has one more week of rehab. She will linger in Rehab until a Long-Term Care bed opens up. She only responds to views out her window—not TV or socializing or crafts. Her tailbone and surrounding area is a stage 1 pressure sore and we have to address it by cleaning and zinc oxide ointments. Another thing that family members have to stay on top of. She will reside for perhaps three months there till Medicaid kicks in, at which time we will apply for transfer to Florida where my sister lives. My biggest fear is that she may die here and not in her own bed. My sister is staying here, missing work and income. Yesterday, after we drove to the surgeon for a post op visit, Mom asked if she could go home to her apartment. Her memory changes minute by minute, so she could forget by today... But we don't ever forget that she asked! Every other night I cry myself to sleep; the alternate night, I am so exhausted from the previous night, I pass out

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Understanding Dysphagia
By Jeri Logemann, Ph.D., Charles A. Stewart, M.D., Jane Hurd, MPA, Diane J. Aschman, MS, Nancy L. Matthews, MA

At the age of 78, Maxine was a poster girl for an active senior lifestyle. She loved being the unofficial social director of her assisted living community in the Texas Hill Country, organizing shopping trips to San Antonio and calling the numbers at the daily bingo game. Physically, Maxine was in great shape. She took a brisk walk every morning and had a regular annual physical exam. Her only chronic health problem was mild Parkinson’s, which she controls with daily medication  ...more

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Protecting Seniors from
Work-at-Home Schemes
By Janet Crozier

“Work minutes a day at home and
earn enough to pay all of your bills.” 

“Work part-time in your own home and make $500 to $1,000
your first month! It couldn’t be any easier!”

Con artists pitching work-at-home schemes rake in over $400 billion dollars a year by exploiting people, especially seniors on fixed incomes. They use appealing but unrealistic come-ons to lure unsuspecting seniors into parting with their hard-earned retirement money in the hopes of hitting it big financially  ...more

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Beat the Heat:
Summer Tips for Seniors
By Allen Riggs

Every summer, thousands of Americans suffer from heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration. And each year, an average of 300 people in the United States dies from heat-related illnesses, according to reports from the Center for Disease Control.

Seniors are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses as their bodies do not effectively cool down and it takes longer to recover when they get overheated. As the temperature starts to rise, it is important to take a moment to think about ways to beat the heat and avoid unnecessary illness  ...more

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By Jeanne Gerst

I am walking my mother home,
To see her to the door
Where there will be no more pain,
and death will reign no more.
The journey has been long
And filled with many a care,
But the Shepherd-Savior knows,
He’s not taken unaware.
Sometimes the steps are big
And hard to manage well;
Sometimes it’s only baby-steps,
A sort of dance, I feel.
There is beauty in the dance,
Though sometimes it’s unsteady;
I’m learning lessons daily,
To make my own soul ready.
For heaven waits for all of us,
A blessing sweet indeed,
Yet while we walk this dusty earth,
We continue planting seeds

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