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May 15, 2014
Issue #714
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From the Editor's Pen Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg

Summer Love

The official start to the summer season begins next weekend with remembrances, marches and, hopefully, your fill of barbeque. For many of us, summer just marks a hotter season of caregiving for our loved ones than fall or winter. It can also mark a time when families travel to visit one another. This might be the first time that some family members will see marked changes in your loved one’s physical appearance or mental acuity.

When my Dad became ill and his strength waned to the point he could no longer easily play with his four year old granddaughter, his greatest concern was that she would only remember him as a frail and infirmed man and not as the active and fun grandpa she had known during the first three years of her life  ...more



Why Do People With Alzheimer’s Wander?
By Frena Gray-Davidson

Don't think Alzheimer's experts know any more than you about Alzheimer's behaviors. They don't. So, your guess is as good as theirs. And, speaking as a longtime Alzheimer's dementia caregiver, frankly I think caregiver guesses are better than most other people's. So there! In my workshops, I always encourage family caregivers to guess. If the first guess seems to be wrong, guess again  ...more

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Prairie Girl
By Arthur N. Gottlieb, LCSW, CSA

She was “Midwest born” and raised, and never felt quite at home in this upscale town, saturated with sleek German cars and Botox. For her, sturdy self-reliance and honesty were the criteria for all matters and, as always, enduring faith would guide her through whatever daunting challenges lay ahead  ...more

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Six Questions You Should Ask
Before Choosing a Nursing Home

“Use your nose.”
That used to be standard advice given to people searching for prospective nursing homes for themselves or their loved ones.

The sentiment behind the advice was to prompt people to use their olfactory sense to determine whether a facility was clean, practiced proper hygiene, etc., explained James Ellor, Ph.D., professor in Baylor University’s School of Social Work and gerontology expert.

But now – during a time when nursing facilities and hospitals pay extra for specially designed, odor-neutralizing waxes and paint – people need to be aware of more subtle clues to help them find the best facility.

During this year’s National Nursing Home Week (May 11-17), Ellor offers six questions people should ask while investigating – and before choosing – a nursing home  ...more

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By Willie Fields, Jr.

They raised us and taught the way.
Now so many fade into a hazy day.
Memories of days gone pass.
Fighting the pain which forever lasts.
Many ignore their fading, sunset days.
To many their life, they gave.
Full of history one could say.
Even though they're older and grey.
The road they paved enduring endless tasks.
No one could have given so much, just ask!
The question to you and I.
Will we hold these in high esteem?
High above the midnight glow.
High towards heaven gleam.
They have dignity, don't you know!

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