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March 11, 2014  |  Issue #695  
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From the Editor's Pen Gary Barg • Editor-in-Chief • gary@caregiver.com

Gary Barg

The Jane Gilbert Interview

Gary Barg:  Our family caregivers are dealing with all sorts of healthcare issues. But I find one of the most challenging is when the caregiver’s loved one is living with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Can you tell me the importance of family caregivers to people living with ALS and what the Association does for them?

Jane Gilbert:  We have a series of recommendations that we certainly provide for people who are newly diagnosed. The thing that we recommend they do as quickly as they can is get to a certified center and start the process of working with good qualified clinical professional people who can really help not only the person with the disease, but their caregiver, as well. The clinical support not only improves the quality of life for the patient and their family, but it also extends the quality of life. We have 34 certified centers across the United States and many other clinics that we work with that provide not only that support, but also educational information  ...more

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Benefits Counselors:
Who are they and do I need one?
By Sandra Fusion, Staff Writer

There are so many benefits, both financial and assistance-oriented to which individuals are entitled. These include community-based programs, state or federal assistance programs (such as Social Security, Medicare, and food stamps), as well as retirement and insurance programs to name a few  ...more

Today's Caregiver Friendly Award 2014

Let's Not Talk About That Now...
By Jennifer Kay

Too often families do not like to talk about issues surrounding death, dying and funerals. Why should they ask? Soon enough we all will have to deal with these issues. So what’s wrong with waiting till the need arises?  ...more

10 Steps to Kidney Health

Recent studies indicate that 26 million American adults suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and that the number is likely to rise unless Americans get serious about prevention. March is National Kidney Month and World Kidney Day is March 14. This is the perfect time for responsible adults to begin a kidney-health program by learning about the risk factors for CKD.

Primary risks include: diabetes; heart disease; high blood pressure; a family history of kidney disease; and age 60-plus.

Secondary risks include: obesity; autoimmune diseases; urinary tract infections and systemic infections ...more

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From Linda:   My husband is a stroke patient. Thankfully, he can still walk (with a slight limp), understand almost everything said to him, and is able to take care of his own personal needs. He’s having speech therapy and that is going fairly well. He is on several medications—about nine pills per day. He HATES taking any type of pill and always has. He becomes very angry when he has to take the meds, and becomes very angry anytime I don't understand what he's telling me. I feel that depression is a factor, but putting him on another med would probably make bad matters worse. We have been married 46 years and I love him more than ever, but the emotional stress is really getting me down. What can I do?

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