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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter
 Thursday October 6, 2011 - Issue #54

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chiefAn Interview with Jane Kaczmarek

Jane Kaczmarek is best known for her role on the television series Malcolm in the Middle. A three-time Golden Globe and seven-time Emmy Award nominee, Jane also had a painful struggle with osteoarthritis, a condition that affects one in every five Americans. For several years, Jane lived with excruciating hip pain, dreading the most simple of tasks, like going up stairs or having to walk down a long hallway. It wasn’t until she was forced to pass on a big movie offer that she realized it was time to deal with the problem once and for all. Jane opted to undergo hip replacement surgery. Weeks after her surgery, and following a rehabilitation program, Jane returned to a pain-free routine and, without hesitation, was back on a TV set, taking on new and exciting roles, including her most recent appearance on the new FX series Wilfred and her new role on the NBC comedy series Whitney.

Editor-In-Chief Gary Barg sat down with Jane to talk about how facing her need for surgery got her back on her feet.


Gary Barg:  I so appreciate you spending time talking with us about osteoarthritis, this is such a big issue for family caregivers. And I have to say, as someone watching you for years on some of my favorite television shows, it’s almost implausible to believe you were dealing with this while you were doing those shows.  How did you find out that’s what you had and what did you do about it?

Jane Kaczmarek:  First of all, my father had both of his hips replaced and so, when I started having pain, I suspected that I might be a chip off the old block.  I’d limp, and I became very, very dependent on ibuprofen, which is a tremendous anti-inflammatory.  And for a while there, I know I was taking at least 20 a day...continued

Take care

Gary Barg

Genworth Financial

Feature Article

Why PERS Makes Sense

By Sandra Fuson, Staff Writer

Constance reached out for help to a local community service organization when she fell from her bed. Weighing a little over 200 pounds, Constance was unable to get up on her own and needed someone to help her get up. Firemen had been to her home earlier in the week, and would help her once again on this particular day...continued

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Guest Column

A Year of Alzheimer's
By  Elisa Lewis
A“It’s a Puh.. Puh… Puh… word.”  I desperately explained to my husband. He turned his head away from me and walked into the other room. I stood there alone, bereft, defeated, feeling the tears burn through my embarrassment and frustration....continued


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we offer these helpful Cancer links to you:

  • American Cancer Society: Widely recognized for its information services and research programs, this society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization. ..continued

Top Ten Articles in September

Sharing Wisdom


From Kelly
Take time for you! Don't give up all the things you once loved and took part in because your life has taken a different turn and you are now a caregiver. I take care of my mother with dementia and the more I learn about this disease, the sadder I get—for her, for me and her grandkids. I can't even believe this has happened. It’s been two long years so far and as this disease progresses, every symptom of it seems to worsen, little by little. I try to keep faith in my savior and take the best care of her I can. I just read the article on how people's perception is altered, and so different than before their diagnosis [of dementia]. Sad. I wish you all luck on the caregiving journey that we are on together. Thank goodness for support sites so we can relate with others our pain and so many emotions we experience. I love my mom a lot and I’ll never forget the woman and mother she was; she raised me and my brother by herself. It takes a strong woman to do that.


From Lauri
We were having problems with intermittent explosive bowel movements—a real mess. We tried a medication which made it worse. Finally, based on my urologist’s advice regarding my own overactive bladder, we started having our family member go to the bathroom 30-45 minutes after every meal, with or without the urge to go. After that, we insisted he go to the bathroom every hour or two. Therefore, the bowel was never overly full.  We also cut down on sugar and gave rice and a banana every day. We have had no explosive episodes since. Hope this helps.



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From the Editor
An Interview with
Jane Kaczmarek

Feature Article
Why PERS Makes Sense 

Guest Column
A Year of Alzheimer's  

Breast Cancer Awareness Month   


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