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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter
 Tuesday May 17, 2011 - Issue #34

Welcome to the latest edition of the bi-weekly newsletter.

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief An Interview with Richard Cohen & Meredith Vieira 

Richard M. Cohen is an Emmy award winning television producer and best-selling author.  His new book,  “Strong at the Broken Places,” tells the intimate stories of five people living with serious chronic illnesses. “Strong at the Broken Places” was born of the desire of many to share their stories in the hope that those who are ill and those who love them will see that they are not alone.  Richard and his wife, Meredith Vieira who will be resigning as co-host of the Today show next month,  sat down with Editor-in-Chief Gary Barg to talk of their lives as parents, professional communicators, and partners in care.

Gary Barg:  Why do you think language is so very important to people living with chronic illness, and to their families? 

Richard Cohen:   Well, I think language is a powerful weapon.  People who have chronic illnesses have a constant battle with how people see them.  And I always say, when I’m talking to groups, that you’re really fighting on two fronts.  You’re not just fighting an illness, you’re fighting public attitudes and public perceptions of the person with the illness, and many times that can be worse than the illness....continued

Take care

Gary Barg

Easy Comforts

Feature Article

Validation Therapy

By Naomi Feil, M.S., A.C.S.W.

In the Alzheimer’s wing of the nursing home, 93-year-old Ellie Turner stuffs more napkins into her worn-out black purse. The tarnished gold clasp clicks into place for the one hundredth time in one hour. “I have to fix the Underwood,” she says as she moves toward the bathroom to change her pants...continued

Guest Column

Changing Hands
By Ingrid Hekman Fournier

She’s awake.”  I say to my husband as we watch TV in the living room.  He’s  in one Lazy Boy.  I’m in the other.

“Do you want me to go this time?” he asks sincerely...continued

Fearless Caregiver Conference


Tips for Caregivers: Coping With Stress and Anxiety 

Here are a few guidelines you can use now to help alleviate your anxiety:

  • Recognize and admit that you are feeling stressed and anxious.
  • Become aware of your body's symptoms. Don't let them scare you, let them talk to you.


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What assistance is there for caregivers who are now done with their caregiving duties?  From 1994 to 2011, I cared first for my dad until his passing in 1999 and then my mom until this April.   During these years, I also was raising my two children (who are now grown). I feel I have lost my identity between letting go of my children and now both parents are gone.  I find that the greatest challenge and hurdle I am facing is getting back on my feet financially and emotionally.  I need to continue to be the wife, mother and grandmother to my immediate family. They were a great help and definitely my angels sent from heaven during my caregiving years, but I feel lost and don't know where to begin on me, myself, my life.
We (my husband and I and my children as well) have sacrificed so much over the years financially, that we now are truly hurting and will even need to leave our home of over 17 years.  Any regrets?  Absolutely not!  I am the baby of five children and my parents were 47 and 40 when I was born.  They both had decent lives till the end; my Dad passed at 81 and my Mom was 87.  I am only 48 and still have a lot of life to live.  I just don't know where to start.


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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor
An Interview with
Richard Cohen & Meredith Vieira

Feature Article
Validation Therapy

Guest Column
Changing Hands

Tips for Caregivers: Coping With Stress and Anxiety 


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