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Thursday September 29, 2011 - Issue #557

Welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter.

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

Treating Your Partners Well

In 2001, we created the annual Caregiver Friendly Awards to celebrate products, services, media and books which have the best interest of the family caregiver in mind.  One of our very first winners was a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). It did not win for any advanced technology, but because the judges thought the company’s commitment to customer service was specifically outstanding.  For the first time, seniors who used the service were actually encouraged to talk with the service agents on the other side of the big red button; and the representatives checked in with their clients on a daily basis just to see how things were going.  Thankfully, this is a common part of many PERS services today...continued

Take care

Gary Barg

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Feature Article

Elder Management of Cholesterol

By Cheryl Ellis, Staff Writer

Mom cuts her cholesterol pill in half. At seventy-eight, she’s enjoyed a long life with little health trouble, except for “some cholesterol.” Medicare and supplemental insurance take care of approximately thirty days worth of medication. She dislikes paying for something she considers an unnecessary expense when her husband has to fill his blood pressure pills monthly, and sometimes more often when the dosage must be adjusted...continued

Guest Column

Schizophrenia: My Other Mother


As far back as I can remember, there was always something a little “left-of-center” about my mother’s behavior. She was a highly intelligent woman who had worked in medicine during the ‘50s, prior to my birth in the early ‘60s. My father was completely devoted to her in every way, and seemed almost protective of her...continued


Give Yourself a Break, Right Now    

Doctor appointments that must be scheduled; the constant care and attention your loved one needs, both physically and emotionally; the back and forth to grocery stores, drug stores, physical therapy sessions and, most of all, the need to know you are doing the "right thing" for loved one in need of your care. We all know the daily challenges we face as caregivers and that we seldom have time for ourselves....continued

Share your tip, advice resource or observation.

Sharing Wisdom - Q&A

From David in Arkansas
My wife is a stroke survivor eight times. She has aphagia and uses a feeding tube. Rather than sit and slowly administer her water through a syringe, I have learned to pour the recommended amount in a fresh food bag, cut the small band that the pump uses and let gravity give her water. What took 15 minutes can now be done in a minute. (It takes about four minutes for 600ml of water to go through.) What a relief on my back! You should know that I am new to this and may have used the wrong terms, so please don't be misled. All I know is that it works for us. Peace and all good things to you.

From Yvette in Philadelphia
I saw on this Web site about putting dots on the caps of the medicine bottles so that people will know how many pills to take. That has helped so much. Thank you to the person who recommended that.


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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor

Treating Your Partners Well

Feature Article

Elder Management of Cholesterol
Guest Column

Schizophrenia: My Other Mother


Give Yourself a Break, Right Now       
Sharing Wisdom



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