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Thursday June 30, 2011 - Issue #544

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

A Sweet Sixteen Indeed

Sixteen years ago this week on a rainy Fourth of July weekend, I drove a rental truck to a local magazine printer's warehouse to pick up copies of the first issue of Today's Caregiver magazine. I loaded the issues onto the truck and spent the entire next week delivering the magazines to hospitals and care facilities across my community.

Four months later, we created and our first national subscriptions started flowing in through the new medium, the Internet. Yet, it is this first weekend that will always be indelibly etched in my mind. As I shared the magazines with caregivers in waiting rooms across the region and watched them flip through the pages, it was tremendously gratifying to see the recognition pass across their faces that maybe they weren't so alone after all...continued

Take care

Gary Barg

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Feature Article

Making Technology Simple

By Trish Hughes Kreis

It is amazing how a computer can bring seniors who aren’t mobile or who live alone connection to the outside world. With people moving all over to find jobs or go to school, families are more spread out than ever. Depression is a common result of the isolation felt by those whose friends, children and grandchildren live in a different state (or even country). The ability to use a computer and navigate programs can make a senior feel like part of the world again...continued

Guest Column

Summer Travel Plans for Caregivers

By Sheryl Leary

Taking a successful vacation when you are a caregiver requires planning and coordination. Here is some information and questions to consider when planning your time away from home.

Vacationing With Your Loved One
Is the destination accessible for my loved one’s abilities?  Ensure that stairs are kept to a limit that is acceptable and have railings. Are doorways wide enough for a wheelchair or walker? Will the bathroom accommodate your routine?...continued


Respite Tips

"I planned with my sister for her to watch my husband on her day off and I treated myself to a day treatment at a local spa. It was much more cost effective than a nervous breakdown!”

“I contacted a local senior service last Friday night and went out for dinner and a movie with my husband. It seemed like forever since were alone like that. Later this summer, I’m going to take advantage of their overnight care so we can spend the night away.”

Share your tip, advice resource or observation.

Sharing Wisdom - Caregiver Tips

When my husband would go alone to visit his father in the hospital or nursing facility, it would always bring him to tears. I would have him call me on the phone after the visit, while my husband was still in the parking lot. We would talk for 10-15 minutes until he calmed down, then he would drive home. Years later, he said that it was one of the best things he would do, rather than driving under duress.

My wife had a brain tumor removed and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. She has no use of her left arm and hand, and her ability to carry on a conversation is limited now. The toughest part on the caregiver who is healthy is to move to this part of life. We no longer bike ride, go camping or just go out to eat. While it is not easy, one has to treat it somewhat like a new job. You now work as a caregiver and your world revolves around that. BUT, you must also get time for yourself; visit friends, go out to eat with them, take in a movie. The caregiver still must maintain a semblance of normalcy even though it really isn't in the full sense of the word. The good thing about this for me is my wife understands that I need to get out and do things and is not resentful.



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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor

A Sweet Sixteen Indeed

Feature Article

Making Technology Simple
Guest Column

Summer Travel Plans for Caregivers


Respite Tips 
Sharing Wisdom



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