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Wednesday February 10, 2010 - Issue #471

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

Happy Valentine's Day

As any astute longtime reader of this column knows, there are certain times of the year when we like to share our favorite appropriate stories with you. You might call them our seasonal chestnuts. One of these times is during Christmas, when we roll out our version of “The Night Before Christmas" aptly renamed “A Caregiver's Christmas.” Another is on this very day, when we like to recount the story of our Valentine's Day lovebirds – Mike and Mindy…

They heard about the session in the news that very morning. Let’s call them Mike and Mindy. I was in their town to host an information and resource panel and had a short interview on one of the local television stations, which prompted their attendance. The idea of the panel was to enable caregivers to ask questions of their local experts and receive immediate attention. My role was to moderate and (hopefully) motivate...continued 

Take care

Gary Barg


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Feature Article

Lending a Helping Paw

 By Mark Kostich

Clinical literature has long documented that animal companionship can help the pain and discomfort associated with many of life’s greatest transitions. Animal companionship has helped during the time of military transfers, broken hearts, terminal illnesses, lost loved ones and teenagers going away to college. In 1964, American Child Psychiatrist Boris Levinson coined the phrase “pet therapy” to describe this phenomenon...continued

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Guest Column
In Sickness and in Health
A commitment made in harmony with unimaginable importance
By Marvin Wiebener

The word caregiver has many meanings, with definitions that run the gamut of tasks on a broad continuum, from simple household chores to end-stage palliative care and everything in between. It’s something many of us never give a second thought. Caregiving—we believe—is for children, the elderly and those who are ill, but not for us, those who are healthy. We have jobs to do, schools to attend, families to raise, and finally a retirement to enjoy....continued




People -- sometimes friends, relatives, helpful technicians at the doctor's office, concerned co-workers-- are always telling us, "reduce your stress, sweetie, and you'll feel better." Sort of like "Have a nice day!" After a while, the urge to strangle the next person who says it becomes more than a passing fancy. 
So, we decided to go against the grain, fight the flow, be plain old oppositional! We aren't going to tell you how to reduce your stress. For once, we are going to tell you how to increase the stress in your life. The following are helpful hints to ensure a heart attack, a bursting blood vessel, an aggravated ulcer and at the very least, indigestion... Continued


I have a wife with a rare disease called Behcet's. She is quite ill most of the time. I am looking for suggestions to avoid caregiver burnout and I have been selected as a husband and caregiver of a Behcet's patient to speak on the subject during The Behcet's Conference this April in Orlando Florida. So I am asking for help with information and sources for information to assist in my endeavor.

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Happy Valentine's Day
Lending a Helping Paw
Guest Column
In Sickness and in Health


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Let's Talk -
February 2010

Have you had to cope with your loved one’s pet when he or she needed to move, either into your home or a facility where pets are not allowed? What solutions did you find?

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One hint I use when I care for my Mom is to take an empty 2 liter soda and refill it with warm water from the faucet. I screw the top on tightly and pad it with a blanket or towel. My Mom's hands then will finally get warm... continued