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Thursday January 7 2010 - Issue #466

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

An Apple a Day

For the new year:
Buy a new car and then pour sludge into the gas tank
Pour water into your refrigerator’s Freon unit
Toss a gallon of dirt into the gears of your washing machine
Of course, these are things you would never do for the new year or at any other time. In fact, it seems silly to even consider abusing these important machines in your life.
Yet, we regularly abuse the most important machine in our lives by filling it with fuels that do not power it well and may also lead to its destruction.

Obviously, the machine in question is your own body. Think about it.  You can be a good caregiver without a working dishwasher or even a car, but what kind of caregiver would you be without your body being in its best possible condition?... continued

Take care

Gary Barg


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Feature Article

Sponsored By Boost Nutritional Drink

Cancer and Nutrition
What Every Caregiver Should Know

By Hillary Wright

“If he would only eat more, I know he’d gain the weight and strength he needs to get better,” says a concerned wife speaking with her husband’s doctor. The husband tells his doctor, “I force myself to eat at time... Continued

Nov/December Issue

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Guest Column
Eating Right on the Road
By Rita Miller-Huey 

Remember the good old days when you and your companions could go traveling and not worry about what, when or where you were going to eat? Over the years our bodies and our needs change, and we must pay closer attention to the food we eat, as well as when we eat. With some simple pre-planning for meals and snacks, you can still enjoy a trip away from home...  Continued



Diet and Nutrition Tips

Make dining social. Elderly people often fail to eat well because they don't like to eat alone. Take notice of food content in their loved-one’s home. Keep their refrigerator well stocked and watch for and remove old or spoiled food in the fridge... Continued


Hello, I am trying to gather information for my friend and her husband, who was recently (August 09) paralyzed in an accident during their one year anniversary. She is now his primary health care provider, their insurance has almost ran out, and will no longer cover his physical therapy. Their house is going into foreclosure, and it's slowly turning into a dire situation. My question is, are there any benefits that she can recieve as his primary health care provider as they cannot afford a nurse and she cannot go back to work? We are in California and she is 25 years old. Thank you - any information will help,

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An Apple a Day
Cancer and Nutrition - What Every Caregiver Should Know
Guest Column
Eating Right on the Road
Diet and Nutrition Tips


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