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Fearless Caregiver Newsletter
 Sunday December 12, 2010 - Issue #12

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chiefAn Interview with Rodney and Holly Robinson Peete

Mr. and Mrs. Peete, better known as Rodney Peete, NFL Football quarterback, and Holly Robinson Peete, actress, created the HollyRod Foundation eleven years ago to give a voice and a hand to those striving for quality of life when theirs has been diminished due to disease or disorders. Through watching Holly’s father, Matthew T. Robinson, writer, producer and actor, struggle with Parkinson’s disease, the Peetes were moved to form the foundation. After Holly and Rodney’s eldest son, RJ, was diagnosed with autism, the foundation’s mission expanded to create the HollyRod4kids initiative.

Holly and Rodney sat down recently with Editor-in-Chief Gary Barg for a wide-ranging interview about caring for one another and their loved ones, as well as those in need and their family caregivers.

Gary Barg:  You started HollyRod Foundation after Holly's dad, the great Matthew Robinson, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He was, of course, noted for being the first Gordon on Sesame Street and also writer and producer of The Cosby Show.  Why did you start the foundation?  What are its goals?

Holly Robinson Peete:  The Foundation was started in 1997 when my husband, Rodney, basically told me to stop feeling sorry for myself that my dad had Parkinson's disease, but to feel blessed that we had the resources to take care of him when so many people did not.  We provide physical, occupational and speech therapies and other services to families affected by Parkinson's disease that otherwise would not be able to access those services.  So we are thrilled to be able to continue his legacy by helping other people with Parkinson's disease; especially since my dad has been gone, it has been eight years now...continued

Take care

Gary Barg


Feature Article

Caring Gifts for Caregivers

By Cheryl Ellis, Staff Writer

Nearly any season has its typical gift giving occasions. From yuletide to birthdays and anniversaries, the need to find an appropriate gift presents itself. When the gifts are for caregivers or their special needs loved ones, it becomes necessary to place a little more thought into the right gift.
...continued Long Term Care Channel

Guest Column

A Caregiver’s Memories:
How to Deal with Moving On 
By Patricia St. Clair    

It was during that period of time after the hungry feasters snaked through the line of platters, bowls and trays of assorted delights, but prior to the point when the reality of the quantity eaten exceeds the norm. Just a glance at the dessert table with enough confections to put even the most sedentary soul on a sugar high is incentive enough to linger in hopes that the consumed food would shift downwards and leave a gap for the addition of a dessert...continued


Remember the Studebaker?
Reminiscing as Therapy for Your Parents
By Paula Tchirkow, MSW, LSW, ACSW

Not again? You’ve heard that story about Sunday trips in the big black Studebaker at least 100 times. But you sit politely as your elderly mother recalls her grandfather’s rumble seat, running boards, chrome grill and overflowing picnic basket...continued

Fearless Caregiver Guides

Sharing Wisdom - Caregiver Tips

From Gail in Wood Dale, IL:

Dress the person you take care of for success. Easy fitting warm-up clothes with elastic waists are very comfortable and can be easily pulled down for bathroom visits; they look nice enough to go out, and are loose enough to wear to bed. If the person has a memory disorder and they happen to leave the house unexpectedly, they are always dressed. Darker colors hide accidental spills.  Adult diapers are so good now, they are almost like underwear. And Velcro gym shoes are heaven-sent.

From Ruth M. in Boynton Beach, FL:

Because my husband has dementia, he messes things up, loses or hides stuff.  Because most things in the mail are important, I leave only the junk mail for him and secure the rest in a place where it can't get lost. I hide glasses, keys, etc. and replace them with unimportant things.


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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor

An Interview with
Rodney and Holly Robinson Peete

Feature Article

Caring Gifts for Caregivers

Guest Column

A Caregiver’s Memories: How to Deal with Moving On   

Remember the Studebaker? Reminiscing as Therapy for Your Parents
Sharing Wisdom



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