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 Tuesday October 5, 2010 - Issue #506

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

My Dad's Voice

Today marks the 19th anniversary of my dad’s passing. Although many times I am comforted by still being able to hear his voice in my head, I have missed him every day since. Everything we have done for and with family caregivers over these past sixteen years came about due to watching how lovingly my mom cared for him and my grandparents into their final days.  I know Dad would have been right at home (and probably the center of attention) at our Fearless Caregiver Conferences. 

Dad was a smart, funny and extremely outgoing guy who loved to tell stories; the kind of guy you can sit with and talk about any topic, well into the night. Which is one reason why I constantly second guess my hesitance about sitting him in front of a video camera and letting him share himself with future generations of his family. I know why I didn’t do it, but I am still conflicted. You see, when my dad became ill and his strength waned to the point that he could no longer easily play with his young granddaughters, his greatest concern was that they would only remember him as the frail and infirm man he had become, not as the active and fun grandpa they had known during the first years of their lives....continued

Take care

Gary Barg


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Feature Article

Careful in the Kitchen

by Jennifer Bradley, Staff Writer

The best place to be as a child was in Grandma’s kitchen, especially when she’s taking a fresh tray of cookies out of the oven.  Sneaking a bite of cookie dough was a must for any youngster. Grandma may have thought nothing of it then, but today, the risks of eating raw eggs are well known.  For seniors, these stakes are even higher.  A caregiver may be today’s gateway to good health for their loved one, starting at the basic knowledge of food safety. ...continued


Guest Column

October 3-9 is National Mental Health Awareness Week. We salute and support all the caregivers who care for those they love who are living with a mental illness.  For more information  visit our schizophrenia and bipolar channels.
Ghost In The Family Room

By Diane Glass

People struggle in life and there are a wide range of problems one can be born with, self-inflict or adopt. Some are rare problems, some are extremely common. I have what I consider to be a problem that falls in the rare category.

A ghost lives gently in my family room. I’ve known her all my life. She moans softly to herself. She doesn’t scare me anymore. I’ve grown accustomed to the sound of her haunting sighs, repeating phrases. ...continued



From Diane Bright, Care Team Ministry Director
Signals for a particular need:

When dementia or aphasia is an issue, make up cards for the individual to point to, or hold up when a need arises, such as:

  •  Picture of bathroom
  •   Picture of glass of water
  •  Symbol of pain, such as a big lightning bolt
  •  Picture of legs crossed with XX over them to signify repositioning

From Jeannette, Lake Orion, MI

Food idea for people who have lost their sense of taste, have no appetite, etc.

1 package of Regular (not diet) Orange Jello; keep dry - don't add any water.
1 larger container of creamy cottage cheese (remember not to use low fat or fat free - the idea is to get the calories in, unless they have special diet needs)
You can also add DRAINED canned mandarin oranges and pineapple, which can be blended at the same time with the Jello and cottage cheese.
container of Cool Whip

Share your tip, advice resource or observation.


Hi All,
My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with C-3 colon cancer. He refuses to stop smoking, he refuses to get what exercise he can, he refuses to do anything at all for himself. Then when he is hospitalized due to blood clots, he blames me for his laziness. I need to find a cancer support group and a chemo support group for him in Enid, OK.
His behavior has been so outrageous that even a receptionist at a physician’s office would rather see me leave him right now, as sick as he is, than watch how he treats me in public. She said,  "If you’re not married to him, you need to pack and run as fast as you can!"




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From the Editor

My Dad's Voice

Feature Article

Careful in the Kitchen
Guest Column

Ghosts in the Family Room





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