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Wednesday May 12, 2010 - Issue #485

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    From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

The Conversation Starter

At each Fearless Caregiver Conference I can be certain that a particular question will always be asked. It will be something about “taking the keys away” from a loved one. I make sure that it is saved for the last half hour of the session or else we won’t be able to discuss anything else.

Like the young man at the recent Nashville event who said he knows he needs to get his mother living with mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease to stop driving, but doesn’t know how to do so...continued 

Take care

Gary Barg

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Feature Article

Driving: When Aging Illness Makes it Difficult

By Sandra Ray, Staff Writer

Many individuals  believe getting that first driver’s license a right of passage – a testament that adulthood and freedom have arrived. In light of increased scrutiny and legislation concerning older drivers, caregivers and aging patients are both starting to wonder when to continue driving, when to slow down, and when to stop driving altogether. Physicians have joined in the ranks of those who are questioning the safety of older adults behind the wheel of a car.

There are valid reasons for concern. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) states that drivers over age 75 have the highest motor vehicle fatality rate than any other driving group with the exception of drivers under 25. ...continued

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Guest Column

Alzheimer's: Holding On To The Dignity

By Brenda Race

I think one of the hardest tasks of love for a caregiver to an Alzheimer's patient, is trying to help them maintain their dignity. Dignity is defined as: the quality or state of being worthy, honored or esteemed. As role of the caregiver, we have taken on a task which sometimes seems unbearable. We often rush through what we feel needs to be done, giving little thought to the feelings that remain in those we are caring for. It is so important to remember that this is still a person who has feelings no matter what form they take. ...continued


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My sister and I were desperate. We knew our dad's driving skills had greatly diminished. He was the type of person who didn't want to be a burden of any kind and wanted to take care of himself. Since he would give a person the shirt off his back, we asked him if my sister could borrow his car because her car was in need of repair. He did, and we never gave it back to him. It seemed the kindest way to do it and it worked for us.

Kathleen R.

One of the hardest things for my girlfriend who had metastatic bone cancer was not being able to drive herself around.  She felt helpless and not in control.  It was a huge source of upset for this very independent lady.   So, whenever I would take her either to the store or to the doctor or chemo, I would ask her what way she wanted to go and she got tell me the exact route to take.  It became a total source of amusement to both of us.

Sharon R.




I'm searching for literature/poetry/spiritual meditations to read to my terminally ill mom. Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks, J

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From the Editor

The Conversation Starter

Feature Article

Driving: When Aging Illness Makes it Difficult
Guest Column

Alzheimer's: Holding on
to Dignity

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