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Thursday April 15, 2010 - Issue #481

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  From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

Mourning Dixie

Actress, comedienne, singer, Broadway star and caregiver, Ms. Dixie Carter passed away this week. Best known for her scene stealing role as Julie Sugarbaker on the television program “Designing Women”, Dixie was also a song stylist critically acclaimed as a cabaret performer.  Few people knew that she was also a family caregiver.  She cared first for her beloved father Cart and then for her aunt, both in her home in California as well as in her hometown of McLemoresville, Tennessee.

“Dixie spoke in a mellifluous and genteel whisper during the entire cover interview with her for Today’s Caregiver magazine“ said  Editor-In-Chief Gary Barg.  “She possessed the kind of southern gentility where she would refer to her husband as Mr. Hal Holbrook in conversation, as opposed to my husband or simply Hal.  That was one conversation that I really didn’t want to end.”...continued 

Take care

Gary Barg

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Feature Article

Let There Be Light

By Erika Hoffman, Staff Writer

“Just Do It!” admonishes the Nike ad.  “God helps those who help themselves” goes the old saw.  “Carpe diem” is a philosophy everyone needs to buy into, including the depressed elderly.

Of course, depression can strike any age group, any ethnic category, and any social–economic strata, but there is a multitude of reasons why the elderly are disproportionately afflicted nowadays.

No doubt exists that a family history of the disorder predisposes some elderly to the disease. Yet, without that genetic tie, the elderly can still be candidates for depression due to several other factors: widowhood, social seclusion, other diseases, interaction of medications, a negative perception of body image, fear of dying, chronic pain, and self-medication with alcohol or drugs...continued

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Guest Column

Disability Benefits:
What Caregivers Should Know

By Glenn Kantor and Peter Sessions

If you are entitled to disability benefits through an employer-provided or private plan, you may be surprised to find that your plan has provisions that allow the insurer to deduct from your benefits other types of income you receive or are eligible to receive for your disability. These deductions are called “offsets,” and are permissible under state and federal law. Common offsets include Social Security disability benefits, workers’ compensation benefits, and benefits from state disability programs like those in California, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Hawaii.  Insurers can also deduct from your benefit any amounts you receive from working part-time (usually called “partial disability” or “residual disability” benefits), as well as retirement or pension benefits (including disability pension benefits).
The rationale behind offsets is this: If you were allowed to keep the full amount of all of the various disability benefits to which you might be entitled, it would be possible for you to earn more money on disability than you would by working.  Disability benefit programs, both public and private, are designed to avoid that result...continued



Give Yourself a Break, Right Now  

Doctor appointments that must be scheduled; the constant care and attention your loved one needs, both physically and emotionally; the back and forth to grocery stores, drug stores, physical therapy sessions and, most of all, the need to know you are doing the "right thing" for loved one in need of your care. We all know the daily challenges we face as caregivers and that we seldom have time for ourselves.

But we need time –time to reflect, relax and rejuvenate for at least few hours each week. This "private time" gives us a renewed strength to carry on. It's important to take that time. You deserve it. AND, should not feel guilty about it.
There are ways to allow yourself time away. For an hour, a day or even a weekend to collect your thoughts and get back on track. It's okay to do that. Listen, you've got a very important role to play - if you do not care for yourself, who will step in to care for you AND your loved one. I want to share with you some of the things I've learned. 

Take the time to read through my "guilt free" list and I know you'll be a better caregiver for it...continued



  As a caregiver for my son who is now 18 years old and weighs 120 pounds, my husband and I are struggling with lifting and moving my son from place to place.  I would love to see an article on the proper way to lift and move someone.  Medical equipment to move someone is expensive and bulky for a small home.

I have just discovered your website and magazine and I am thankful to find this resource.


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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor

Mourning Dixie

Feature Article

Let There Be Light
Guest Column

Disability Benefits: What Caregivers Should Know

Give Yourself a Break, Right Now




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