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Wednesday February 24, 2010 - Issue #473

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    From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

Safe Census

Starting in 1790, and once every ten years hence, Census workers have been sweeping through the United States in an effort to count its far-flung citizenry.  This is an important practice.  The Census data will be used to allocate more than $300 billion in federal funds every year, as well as determine each state’s number of congressional representatives.  Households are actually required by law to respond to the Census Bureau’s request for information...continued 

Take care

Gary Barg

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Feature Article

Can Rover Come Over?

By Cheryl  Ellis, Staff Writer 

We all love our pets, and our attachment to them varies from one individual to another.  In cases of the infirm or elderly, the attachment to a pet may be much more intense.  Individuals with memory loss may not understand why they have to move to assisted living, or in with a relative, let alone any problems that might come with bringing Fido along.

Caregivers may swing from one extreme to another in their own emotions.  The part-time caregiver who can tolerate animals during short-term visits may balk at full-time pet and person caregiving.  Although it is essential to acknowledge how you feel about animal caretaking, it may be best to keep it to yourself until you explore options.  “Preparing” a family member to give up a pet may take many weeks (or longer).  There is emotional strain on the loved one and caregiver during this process, as well as on the animal...continued

Today's Caregiver magazine - Digitial Edition

January/February Issue

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Guest Column

A Silent Crisis:
Working Caregivers Are Begging For Help

By Gema G. Hernandez, D.P.A.


At time when private enterprises are trying to increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance the quality of their products or services there is a growing crisis in corporations today that is preventing them from achieving their corporate goals.  Few companies realize the implications working caregivers have on their internal costs and their bottom line. Still fewer companies even know where to look for these hidden costs.  Only one in seventy midsize to larger companies knows how to address this issue...continued



Home Care Safety for the Caregiver  

Improving support and safety throughout the home:

Have smoke detectors installed near kitchen and bedrooms
Have safety rails in showers and tubs
Install handrails up stairs and in bathrooms
Use non-slip flooring in kitchens and bathrooms
Remove any loose rugs
Move furniture around to create less confusion... Continued



I have not been able to get information on the accreditation of Benefits Counselors.  Does anyone know where and who has a certificate program for the professional Benefits Counselor? 

I have tried the Administration on Aging and the Area Agencies on Aging but no one seems to know where the official certification comes from.  There is a program in Texas and one in Pennsylvania but I can't seem to get this piece of information.
We would like to start a training program for volunteers in Southern California and I've been trying to put the pieces together and then raise some money to fund it (unless the government has some that is).
I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me with this
Thanks for your help.

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Inside This Issue:

From the Editor

Safe Census

Feature Article

Can Rover Come Over?
Guest Column

A Silent Crisis:
Working Caregivers
Are Begging For Help

Home Care Safety for the Caregiver




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Let's Talk -
February 2010

Have you had to cope with your loved one’s pet when he or she needed to move, either into your home or a facility where pets are not allowed? What solutions did you find?

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Educate yourself & other caregivers on any prescription drugs given to a loved one. The internet is wonderful to help you...continued




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