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Wednesday December 30, 2009 - Issue #465

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

Leaving ‘09 Behind

Soon it will be Two Thousand and Ten
Friends and family are set to celebrate again
Champagne will flow, caviar will be eaten
Their night of frivolity will not be beaten
Yet, for many who care for mother, father or lover
This will be a night like any other
With undergarments to change
Meals to make and wounds to cover
What I'd ask of you, my good dear
With the glimmering hope of a new year
Is to make a Caregiving Resolution
That caring for yourself is part of the solution.... continued

Take care

Gary Barg


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Feature Article


Caregivers New Year's Resolution

By   by Kristine Dwyer, LSW

In this new year, I will……….
Learn to take one hour out of each day just for myself to read, enjoy a hot bath, journal my thoughts or call a friend. ... Continued

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Guest Column
The Gift of Now
By Ann Fowler

A hedge row stitches suede sky to prairie patches.
I brake for a weathered, red truck and read the “eat beef” bumper sticker...  Continued



Top Ten Things For Caregivers To Start Doing for the Approaching New Year

1. Keep records of all medications and reactions: make notes about what works, what doesn’t and when you informed the physician of any problems... Continued


My Mom is 94 and a miserably unhappy person.  She lives alone; hasn't made a friend in years. She is lonely (has a part-time caregiver, as well as me, her only child).  She has macular degeneration and is hard of hearing. She says she is sick, but won't follow the doctor's directions or take her pills half the time.

I love the holidays, she hates them.  I try my best to please her, but it is never enough.  I am almost 72; I try to keep active.  I also have RA, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.  I have tried to explain that her anger hurts me physically.
Last week, I took her to the doctor ("They never do anything") and then to a beautiful nursery.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  The next day, she was in a dark mood and said that I was sullen and who knows what else.  I waited a few days, then called and asked her to dinner. After saying “No,” she said she thought I should apologize. I did and then asked her if she wanted to apologize; she hung up on me.
I haven't spoken to her since.  I feel guilty; I hurt all over.  I try not to think about it.......but it doesn't really work.  I am venting to you because my husband and friends are tired of hearing about it. 
Does she have the right to make my life miserable? 

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Leaving ‘09 Behind
Stress and the Caregivers New Year's Resolution
Guest Column
The Gift of Now


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