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Wednesday July 29, 2009 - Issue #443

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

The Good News Express

Kathy Greenlee knows senior caregiving.  As a Long Term Care Ombudsman, general counsel at the Kansas Insurance Department (KID) and Kansas’ Secretary on Aging, she has had a long interest and involvement in aging issues.  These are all good things to hear as Kathy Greenlee is the newly appointed U.S. Assistant Secretary for Aging.  I was honored to be able to conduct the first interview with her on caregiving for the pages of Today’s Caregiver magazine.  You can find the audio recording of our conversation at the link below.

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Kathy Greenlee Interview

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Feature Article

Can Rover Come Over

By  Cheryl  Ellis, Staff Writer

We all love our pets, and our attachment to them varies from one individual to another.  In cases of the infirm or elderly, the attachment to a pet may be much more intense.  Individuals with memory loss may not understand why they have to move to assisted living, or in with a relative, let alone any problems that might come with bringing Fido along. ....Continued

Care Verse
Beyond the Horizon

By  Arthur N. Gottlieb, MSW, CSA

With senses intact and spring of step
With time yet to fall and recover
No thought for limitations still inconceived 
Thinking they are just stubborn or stupid  ....Continued

Guest Column
Spinal Cord Injury
By Marian M. Inguanzo, MSW, ACSW and Mitchell A. Kaplan PhD, CPSP

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, many are learning that the simple everyday activities they once took for granted, such as getting into their own bathrooms, have become more challenging now that they have a mobility impairment that limits their ability to move about their home without assistance....Continued

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Respite Tips

"I planned with my sister for her to watch my husband on her day off and I treated myself to a day treatment at a local spa. It was much more cost effective than a nervous breakdown!”


My sister has MS and lives in CO. I live in MO. Her husband of 33 years passed away suddenly at home in March and her youngest son, 29 years old, has been left to take care of her. The stress is overwhelming him and he is having issues of his own. She then fell at home and broke her hip and was hospitalized for a month to heal.

She has noone to help her as her son was in a terrible auto accident and now is hurt. I am told by other family members that neither her or her son are eating right. She can't get her house clean or do the other chores needed to keep her house up. My question is this. Is there any financial help so I can go live out by her to help her with the day to day care she needs? I want to relocate to do this and my funds are limited. I am worried sick everyday and always told her I would be there to help her. She is only 51! Please, her life has been a downward spiral and she is my baby sister. She has always been there for me. Her and her husband. Please let me know what I can do to make this possible!


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The Good News Express
Can Rover Come Over?
Spinal Cord Injury
Guest Column
Spinal Cord Injury


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