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Wednesday June 17 2009 - Issue #437

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief 

 Daddy Dearest

Last week, I asked for stories regarding male caregiving/caregivers.  As usual, the responses were fast and forthcoming, thoughtful and honest, covering all ends of the caregiving spectrum. More than anything else, the responses confirmed that there are no stereotypical caregivers nor stereotypical caregiving stories—just people doing their darndest to make sure that their loved ones get the care they need.
Your Fathers day stories:
I would like to write about my fiance, Philip...Continued

I am a social worker with the local Area Agency on Aging.  About nine years ago, I made a home visit where a son was caring for his aging parents; more so his mom at that time...Continued

My brother, as well as all members of my family, are providing care for my 91-year-old dad...Continued

I was a caregiver for my parents for eight years...Continued 

As one of my dad's daughters, I am the primary caregiver for my 85-year-old father...Continued

By the way, if you have any questions for a leading pharmacist, financial expert, social worker or hospice chaplain, please send them to me by tonight (Wednesday) and I will try and ask them of our expert panelists at this week’s Fort Lauderdale Fearless Caregiver Conference.
My question for the panel
Happy Fathers day to all

Take care

Gary Barg

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Feature Article

Caregiving By Men: A Husband's Perspective

By  Seth B. Goldsmith, Sc.D,. J.D.

The formal diagnosis of ovarian cancer was confirmed after seven hours of surgery at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Prior to receiving that devastating news, we were in the land of possibilities, probabilities and suspiciousness in large measure due to the inconclusiveness of blood tests, ultrasounds and CT scans. ...Continued

Care Verse
Ode To 88
(dedicated to Dad)

By  Barbara Klinman

It is no chore, be assured,
to rouse you from darkened thoughts.
To recall together times past,
when all those in memory were vibrant
and full of decision.  ...Continued

Caregiver Story
I Miss Taking Care of My Dad
By Arthur Cohen

I miss taking care of my Dad.  He was in pretty bad shape for quite a while toward the end and required lots of care.  It was at this time of his life that he said one of the most memorable and flattering things he ever said to me. ...Continued

(Do you have a story? Tell us.)



7 emotional and physical well-being tips for
male caregivers: 

Men account for almost 40% of the caregiver population. In order for male caregivers to properly care for their loved ones, they must remember to care for themselves. Here are seven emotional and physical tips for male caregivers: ....Continued


We are an ALS Chapter and looking for a blank scheduling grid that we can give to our PALS caregivers, so whenever they have someone to come and fill in for them the person can then look at the grid and see what needs to be done at what time of day, et al, meds, exercise, feeding, etc.

Do you have anything like that or know where we could find one.

Answer This Week's CareNote Support Group Directory. Click here for information about any caregiver support groups in your area.

Caregivers need your help. Please add information about your local support groups to our Support Group Directory. Include the name of the group, where and when it meets, city and state and support group leader contact information.

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 Daddy Dearest
Caregiving By Men
Caregiver Story
I Miss Taking  Care of Dad


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