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Thursday April 3 2008 - Issue #373

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From The Editor

Gary Barg - Editor-in-chief

 Respite Responses

Ask a caregiver and stand back as the most fascinating replies flood in over the transom.  One reason I love the Fearless Caregiver Conferences so much is that no matter where you are in the country or around the world, when caregivers are able to answer one another's questions there are no wiser professional responses to be found.

Here are a selection of the responses I received from last week's article on respite.

Thanks so much for your terrific resource. You are wanting to hear from the readers what was the last thing I did when taking time for myself...Continued

Thanks for asking what we do for our own respite (or get-away) whether they be small or large...Continued 

I only found you a few months ago and immediately shared my findings with Crossroads and Carers...Continued

Although I'm not a caregiver any longer, I still look forward to your newsletter....Continued

I take a break, what you might consider respite, about once a month for a few hours...Continued

 After almost 7 years as a caregiver, I recently discovered day care...Continued 

I am different than most for I will be 90 years old on July 8th...Continued

Before we leave the topic of respite for a while, would you take a moment and respond to the short  survey on the homepage of  I promise, no essay writing is involved and it will take no more than ten seconds.  But I think you will find the results to be quite interesting.

Take care

Gary Barg



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Feature Article

Bathing Sparky

By Gwendolyn deGeest,  RN,BSN,MA

Peter was 13 when he had his first dog, 18 when he worked in the lumber camps, and 20 when he married. ...Continued

Additional Article:

Dining with Dignity Even When it Seems Impossible!

By Jo-Anne S. Kelly

It was easy for me the first time around as a caregiver. Twenty years ago I was much younger and emotionally stronger to carry out the role. ..Continued


Caregiver Story

One Foot, Other Foot

By: Terri Corcoran

“One foot, other foot,/One foot, other foot,/Now you can go/Wherever you want…”  Those lyrics from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Allegro often come into my head as I am helping my husband walk.   ...Continued

(Do you have a story? Tell us.)


Bathing a Loved One

by Ryan Mackey

When a loved one loses the ability to bathe and maintain themselves, proper hygiene becomes especially important....Continued



I care for my husband who is in an advanced stage of Alzheimer's.  I love my husband dearly but he no longer knows me nor can we have the wonderful conversations we used to have.  It gets very very lonely. 

Some months ago I met a gentleman at a Support Group, who is in a similar situation.  We talk a lot on the telephone and that really helps me, but sometimes I feel guilty.  I have no intention of being intimate with my friend, but we have talked about going for coffee sometimes.  I know we are not doing anything wrong, so why do I feel so guilty about it?  I do not want to stop talking to him as it helps us both to cope with the situation.  What do you suggest?

Answer This Week's CareNote:
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From the Editor
Respite Responses
Feature Article
Bathing Sparky
Caregiver Story
One Foot, Other Foot

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