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Tuesday January 8,  2008 - Issue #361

Welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter.

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From The Editor


The Doggone Truth

Gary's gone for a few minutes so as this is my second birthday, I wanted to share a few moments of puppy wisdom with you.  First of all,  I have heard from many of your pets over the past two years and I just wanted to thank you for being as good at pet caregiving as you are at human caregiving.

There are however, things I am hearing on the doggie grapevine that I find discomforting...what, did you think we did all that barking just to annoy you?  (well, maybe sometimes.)  I'll give you one example of my friend Bowser (Where do you guys come up with these names?)  Bowser's owner (we call you our owners just to make you guys think you are in charge.. if only we had opposable thumbs!), was a terrific caregiver for her husband living with Alzheimer's as well as for Bower, unfortunately the only person she was no good at taking care for was herself.  She ignored her own health, didn't get any respite and eventually collapsed, leaving the neighborhood to live with family members up north.  I think her husband is living in a facility down the street. Bowser, according to puppy park gossip, was sent to the pound because the family couldn't take him with them.  For the sake of all those (human and otherwise) who count on you, please make your first resolution this year to care for yourself.  Oh, and maybe some extra treats after dinner...    

On a brighter note, I have been reading your responses to last week's column and want to share some of these caring pet stories with you. 

I have to go now, I think Gary's setting up a surprise party for me and I don't want to be late for the cake, or cookies, or pet toys or scratches.


Sniff you later

The Real Editor-in-Chief



I accompany my miniature poodle, Pouf, when she visits my husband at the nursing home...continued

I just lost my mother on Dec. 13th after taking care of her 24/7...continued

My cat, Moishe, loves when I knit. He climbs on my lap and hands the yarn to me through his teeth...continued

Before my mother entered the last stage of Alzheimer's which she is currently in, her dog, Inky, was one of her few joys left...continued

Someone said that cats are "aloof" and "unfriendly" - but apparently, my cats didn't hear it!...continued

My dog, Tasha is an 11 year old Cockapoo - and has been the light of our lives... Miss Personality -...continued

Scooter, our Springer Spaniel/Fence Jumper mix from the Humane Society, was no more than 12 weeks old and had only been with us for...continued

 I want to tell you about Bubba the wonder dog. Bubba is a mutt puppy, an almost 11 year old "cockador"(lab/cocker spaniel and who knows what else...continued

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Feature Article

The Art of Compassionate Communication
for Elder Caregivers

By Jill Sarah Moscowitz

No one can ever be fully prepared for the challenges of care-giving. The tasks and responsibilities involved can be demanding,..Continued

Additional Article:

A Balancing Act

by Mary Becker-Omvig, MS, OTR/Lfa

They are questions caregivers face on a daily basis. How do we balance between too much and too little care? ...Continued


Caregiver Story

My Neighbor's Compassionate Act

By Joseph Beauchemin

In the middle of a raging snowstorm that had sleet adding misery to the weather conditions, I suddenly developed a severe case of Cellulitis in my leg and had spiked a high fever. ...Continued

(Do you have a story? Tell us.)


Fight for your Rights

By Michael Plontz

As a caregiver you must be adept at dealing with insurance issues.  ....Continued



I am having trouble sleeping at nights.  Usually I get so caught up in caring for my ailing Dad, that when it comes time to sleep, I cannot 'wind down'.  Any suggestions on how to go back to getting a good night's rest, would be appreciated.

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