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Wednesday, January 24,  2007 - Issue #311

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From The Editor

Sign Of The Times

At a recent early morning healthcare association meeting in Miami, I was seated at a table with eleven other bleary eyed attendees all nursing our first cup of coffee of the day. My friend Elaine who was sitting next to me casually asked about my puppy Morris, who celebrated his first birthday this month. Elaine had not seen Morris in a while and to illustrate how much he had grown over the past few months, I pulled out my cellphone and showed her a few pictures I had snapped of him. Within minutes, each and every person at the table was passing around their own cellphone pictures of their dogs. I felt as if I had stepped through the looking glass into a place where pixels replaced color snapshots and furry babies replaced grandkids as the topic of proud discourse. Just as I thought the whole world had gone to the dogs, someone from another table came over and flashed cellphone shots of her beloved which was decidedly not canine. It was of a parrot.

Speaking of Miami, it is my pleasure to announce that Assistant Secretary for Aging at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Josefina G. Carbonell will be joining us at the first annual Miami Fearless Caregiver Conference. We welcome Assistant Secretary Carbonell as a long time Miami resident and look forward to her comments. We look forward to seeing you on March 29th if you can join us.

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Take care
Gary Barg



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Feature Article

Caregiving Youth
by Hannah Lee, Staff Writer


The face of caregivers in the United States today represents every race, ethnicity and religious sect...Continued

Additional Articles:

Multiple Sclerosis: Getting and Managing
Health Care Needs

By Grace Curry

If you are caregiving to a friend or relative with Multiple Sclerosis, you already know how difficult it can be to manage that care.   ...Continued

The Roller Coaster of Caregiving
By Jane Cassily Knapp, RN, LCSWC

The decisions to become a caregiver are usually made in crisis situations.  ....Continued


Guest Column

Emotional First Aid
By Janet Buell


Helen was considering suicide when her daughter, Gail, asked me to come to her house. . ..Continued


The Male Perspective: Caregiver Burnout
By Judd Lewis Parsons

It happens to every caregiver. You're at the doctor's with your loved one.   ...Continued



I am a caregiver to my Mom who will turn 90 on 1/28.  I pick her up from a bed and put her in a chair.  I hurt my back and I am having trouble transferring her now.  I tried the hoyer lift but it just doesn't work for us.  Do you have any suggestions ?

Also we now have a pressure reducing mattress which they keep wanting to take away because Medicare does not pay for preventive services.  It is too expensive to purchase.  Our Dr. does not know how to help us.  Any advice ?


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Caregiving Youth
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