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Wednesday November 1,  2006, Issue #299


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From The Editor

Helping Hands

Six days left until the midterm elections are over. After next Tuesday, all of   the bickering, nastiness, mudslinging, back-biting and cruelty on the airwaves can safely return to where they rightly belong - on the reality shows.

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, once every two years you get to see a form of democracy in action. The truth of the matter that often becomes subsumed beneath the sea of relentless sound bites and statistics is that politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are actually our temporary employees vying for our attention to either re-hire them for a few more years, or replace them with another candidate for their position. Our responsibility to ourselves, our loved ones and our children is to act as responsible employers and be able to cut through the muck and mire to select those who will best work for us until the next election cycle. In politics as in caregiving, you are the boss and your decision counts as long as you take the time to let your voice be heard in the voting booth. 

Two weeks ago I asked for your suggestions and comments on the topic of “getting help from family members”. In that column, I suggested that the family support issue has outweighed the driving issue as the show-stopper question at our Fearless Caregiver conferences. By your responses, I think this rings true online, as well...


As crazy as this may sound, my best tip is to ask for the help you need…Continued

Here's another aspect of getting help...Continued

I am blessed to be the caregiver to both my parents…Continued

Okay--in shear tradition of natural consequences…Continued 

After many conversations and a lot of anger…Continued

Tips for family support include the following…Continued

One has to determine what the strengths are…Continued

WOW!!!  This issue has been more difficult for me than dealing with Mom's Alzheimer's…Continued

CareCircle programs are the perfect vehicle to share caregiving...Continued

If you find out how to move a mountain, it would be easier then getting siblings to help...Continued

As I always say, it pays to ask the true experts-family caregivers.


Take care
Gary Barg


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Feature Article

Finding A Sense of Relief
by Jude Roberts, Staff Writer

Technology and medicine have merged to create the PERS (personal emergency response system). ...Continued

Additional Articles:

PERS Caregiver Stories
By Hilary Gibson, Staff Writer

Many long-distance caregivers find a PERS to be a good way of keeping-up with their loved one, as well as helping them to maintain their independence . ...Continued

Mobility Friendly Home
By Kate Shuman, Staff Writer

Begin by asking the person with a mobility issue where they’re experiencing the most difficulty in the home.  ...Continued


Guest Column

Recovery Room Kit
by: Hana Kim

Three years ago, my mom underwent major surgery to remove a brain tumor. The day of her surgery felt like the longest day of my life. ...Continued


Issues of Control
by Kate Murphy, RN

This week I would like to talk a little bit about control issues in caregiving. ...Continued

F   r   o   m       O   u   r       R   e   a   d   e   r   s


I am looking for ANY suggestions on how to care for my 89 year old mother who I live with.  She had a blood clot in her lungs and also cannot stand on her legs.  She needs me. She tries to control every aspect of my life.  Social, financial and my time.  I have recently been given a magazine article about narcissistic mothers and even though I can clearly see what the problem is now with my mom, I still have issues in dealing with her.  I’m 58 with 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren and I would like to enjoy them without guilt.  She constantly lets me know I owe her.  Please can anyone out there help me?  Has anyone gone through similar situations?



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