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From The Editor



With the first tropical depression brewing in the Gulf of Mexico and airline fares rising higher than the airplanes, it is obvious that the first days of summer are upon us. For others, it may mean long weekends at the park, lake or beach but more often than not, we caregivers need to learn to get respite where we can find it.  Thankfully, it is also time to roll out Todayís Caregiver Magazine and caregiver.comís Fifth Annual Summer Respite series. I want caregivers to consider this summer to be the ďSummer of Respite 2006Ē!

Remember, respite can be easier to achieve than you think. It does not have to be found outside of the home or take the entire day, having someone watch your loved one for a few hours while you luxuriate in a long hot bubble bath counts, too.

Ask for and accept favors such as; a friend staying with your loved one while you are able to get out of the house for a while, a dinner being cooked for you and your loved one once a week, an offer to go to the supermarket or drugstore in your place. Respite can be achieved on a daily basis with the smallest of kindnesses.

As this summer begins, we will share respite tips with one another each week for you to consider utilizing. These tips will consist of proven techniques for achieving respite during each week of the summer. 

Of course, with all great things concerning caregivers, itís a group effort. Email me your favorite respite tips to share each week within this newsletter. If everyone sends their favorite tips, Iím sure there will be plenty of new and interesting ideas for all of us to add to our own lists. 

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Take care
Gary Barg


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Feature Article

Sudden Hospitalizations
By: Sandra Ray, Staff Writer

According to a new study published in the February 16, 2006 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine and sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, an elderly personís hospitalization can affect the healthy spouseís risk of death. ....Continued

Additional Articles:

Grandparents as Caregivers
By Josefina G. Carbonell

Grandparents are our connection to the past, and often the key to what shapes our future. Grandparents are our history, and we, in turn, are reflections of their lives and experiences...Continued

Alternative Perspectives: Caring For Children
By Dr. Mitchell Ghen

Caregivers of children, more often than not, will look for alternative means of treatment, especially if conventional modalities are creating side effects, or they are failing. .....Continued


Guest Column

Understanding "End of Life"
Medical Decisions

By Rebecca S. Sudore, M.D., and Gloria Mayer, R.N., Ed. D.

No one knows better than caregivers the critical need for family members to make sure their loved-oneís end-of-life decisions are known and down on paper before they are needed.  ..Continued


Involving Others in Your Caregiving
By Ryan Mackey

As a caregiver, receiving some extra help or consideration from others goes a long way to helping you deal with the daily rigors of life...Continued

F   r   o   m       O   u   r       R   e   a   d   e   r   s


I have become a full-time caretaker for my mom who is schizophrenic for the past 2 years. I quit my job in order to take care of her. I've been dealing with my mom's illness since I was 18. I also helped to take care of my younger siblings. Now, they are grown trying to build their lives. For the past two years, I feel that I am slowly dying inside. Everyday is a challenge for mom and me. If I can get her to take her meds, she would be more stable. She does not think she has anything wrong with her. She thinks I am the problem. Yes, I am a problem when she does not take her meds. I feel just so overwhelmed. I've sought help but to no avail. Everyday I am struggling. Please, God, if you hear my prayers. Please answer me... I am not sure how much of this I can take!!!


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Sudden Hospitalizations
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