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From The Editor

Fifty Things I Love

On the occasion of my fiftieth birthday, allow me to share my favorite things with my favorite people:

50 things I love

  1. Making babies smile

  2. The breathtaking feeling of creating something original

  3. Honest conversation

  4. Ecstatically funny conversation

  5. Royal Purple (the color)

  6. Truth

  7. Ironic humor

  8. Spending time with family caregivers

  9. Down pillows

  10. Port wine

  11. Waking up knowing that I still have two hours to sleep

  12. Hanging out with my loved ones

  13. When words fall together on paper

  14. To help

  15. Inexplicable coincidences

  16. Sitting in my backyard on a clear night after traveling

  17. Traveling

  18. Discovering new foreign foods

  19. To win

  20. Carmina Burana  

  21. Groucho Marx

  22. Cotton Candy

  23. Steely Dan

  24. Getting lost in a great book

  25. Reconnecting with old friends

  26. Brain-storming with my partners

  27. Politicians who put the needs of their constituents first

  28. Brilliant sunsets over the ocean

  29. Well-stocked bookstores

  30. Maintained peace

  31. Not being misunderstood

  32. Nessun Dorma

  33. Getting lost in a great movie

  34. People who come through for caregivers

  35. Long hot showers

  36. Cajun music

  37. Playing with baby tigers

  38. Fresh shellfish

  39. Unique and original magazines

  40. Making a difference in the lives of family caregivers

  41. Moments of absolute clarity

  42. Feisty political conversations

  43. Salma Hayek

  44. The smell of freshly mowed grass

  45. When bad guys get their due

  46. Leisurely breakfast with loved ones reading the Sunday papers

  47. The editorial section

  48. The funny pages

  49. People who love

  50. You…


Take care
Gary Barg


The deadline for submitting your nominations for  2006 Caregiver Friendly Award
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Bipolar Disorder  |   Schizophrenia

The Deadline has been extended for the 2006 Careheroes Award Nomination

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Feature Article

What's In A Name?
by Patricia Hampton, Staff Writer

Scooters. Just the name alone makes you feel sporty, zipping along from here to there to get the job done..  . ..Continued

Additional Articles::

What Type of Headache Do You Have?
by Jennifer B. Buckley

Do you have a throbbing sensation on only one side of your head or neck? Do you feel pain in your sinuses or is the pain more generalized...Continued

Incontinence: The Caregiver's Role
by Kevin McShane

Incontinence in children is called "training". In adults, it's often called embarrassing. ...Continued


Guest Column

Caregiver Stress
by Kathy Bosworth

More than one quarter of the adult population (26.6%) has provided care for a chronically ill, disabled or aged family member or friend during the past year...Continued


Take Time
By Amy Kaser, RN

As a Registered Nurse, my previous practice has been primarily focused on the individual with the disease process. I am now in a position that is focused on the Caregiver. The National Family Caregiver Program....Continued

F   r   o   m       O   u   r       R   e   a   d   e   r   s



I employ a live in caregiver for my elderly mother.  Because my mother is considered terminal, her time left is day to day.  What I would like to know is what is the proper etiquette to compensate her caregiver after her passing?  I’ve been told that proper compensation would be a year’s salary, is this true?  Can you assist me?

Answer This Week's CareNote:
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