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From The Editor

Notes on Note-Taking

Last week, I related the story of my friend who was in the hospital and felt that he was mistreated by a staff member. A mutual friend who works in hospital settings suggested that he starts taking notes during his stay in the hospital, but he was concerned about being seen documenting his experiences for fear of retribution from the staff member.  I heard from many readers about this issue and would like to share some of those comments with you:  

  • Healthcare professionals who have nasty attitudes must be reported I think.  They're supposed to deliver a courteous and dedicated service to their patients who are in pain. You could just imagine people suffering from physical and emotional pain and be treated that way? Caregivers must stick to their vows of  attending to anyone who needs their tender and loving care. Grrr.. Grrr..  I really hate hypocrites especially in the caregiving sectors. 

  • Your article on note-taking hit the mark today. I took care of my mother for

  • three years as she slowly faded away from Alzheimer’s disease. At one point we were in the hospital because she had a severe nosebleed and my brothers thought me crazy taking notes all the time. I would write down times of nurse checks while in ER and any new doctor or intern name. As it turned out not only did it help when she was transferred to a regular room, but months later when we had to sort out insurance claims. I had all of the information I needed to cross-reference all of those "miscellaneous" tests and doctor visits on the bills. Let me tell you, my brothers were happy then when we challenged a few of the procedures, that I hadn't noted taking place.

  • An addendum to your column this morning on your friend's hospital complaint and his concerns about reporting the hostile nurse: Many hospitals have patient advocates who make rounds and handle patient/caregiver complaints. These dedicated professionals go by many different titles: Patient Relations, Patient Advocates, Ombudsman, Customer Service and Guest Relations, but have one purpose - to facilitate and improve the patient experience.  

Thank you all for your excellent advice and comments.  I shared them with my friend and he feels a lot more fearless about what to do if he has to face this situation again.



Gary Barg


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By Patsy Robertson

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Thank you for your e-mail newsletter.  I read many of your articles.  I so much admire the writers who talk about how they love taking care of their family.

I have the responsibility of my mother and my mother-in-law.  They do not live with me right now, but any appointments, rides, groceries all have to be my job.  No other siblings live nearby.  Often I feel stressed out and resentful.  My husband and I are getting close to retirement.  We don't have any plans because of "the mothers" needs.  Do others have these issues?   



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