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From The Editor

Special Blessings

I was on the telephone with my friend Pat a principal of a school for children living with developmental disabilities. She is also a caregiver to her husband recovering from surgery, as well as her mother living with diabetes and heart disease.

 As we were talking, I heard a commotion over the phone and asked her what was happening.  She told me that some staff members came running into her office because an eight year old autistic student had seen a Dr. Seuss display in her office window while walking by and said, “I have Dr. Seuss at home too.”  This wouldn’t have been such a remarkable event save for the fact that these were the first words anyone has ever heard him say.  Imagine being witness to that.

An eight year old child’s first words, the flicker of recognition from a loved one locked within the dreamlike embrace of Alzheimer’s, the movement of a muscle thought long dead, these are some of the unexpected joys of caregiving.  A reporter recently asked me what was not depressing about caregiving. I told him that if you look into any caregiver’s heart you will surely find depression, fear and anxiety.  But you will also find compassion, love, joy, spirituality like none other and hope; lots of hope.

Just look at the ranks of family caregivers among the professionals working hard to help their fellow caregivers within their communities and around the world. You will see how caregiving has changed their lives.

Depression, sure there is depression, but there are also miracles and satisfaction that only someone who is or has been a family caregiver will ever experience.

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Feature Story

Prisoner Cell Block Home
by Rita Pal

Freedom is taken for granted by each and every one of us. A trip to the supermarket, a visit to the park, buying stamps at the post office or running out to the ice cream van can be done by anyone until, of course, there is someone in the house that requires twenty- four hour care.

Additional Articles:
Prisoners of Compassion 

by Dr. Gerald Trigg 

Henry Nouwen suggested that those involved in the helping professions, whether ministers who happen to be clergy, nurses or what have you, are "Wounded Healers". That title seems particularly appropriate for those who are Caregivers. ...Continued

Depression in the Caregiver
By Dorothy Womack

Depression seems to be part and parcel of becoming a caregiver to a loved one. Depression is, in reality, anger turned inward. This is not always obvious, nor is it easily admitted to . ...Continued



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Guest Column

Stepping Into The Leadership Role
by Daniel Kuhn, LCSW, MSW

Since the person with AD no longer possesses the mental skills to be completely independent, a special brand of leadership is called for.  . .....Continued


Home Safety Tips
By Jennifer B. Buckley

You feel safe and secure with your loved one watching television close by in the next room. On a daily basis, you meticulously monitor their diet, hygiene and warnings on their over-the-counter and prescription medication. Nothing has been left to chance, so you think..  ...Continued

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