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From The Editor

"Blue Hawaii"

I need your help, I really do.  I need you to help me convince my editors, brother, sister, staff and Mom that the trip I must take this week is absolutely necessary and a sacrifice that I willing make on behalf of caregiver education.  I am going this week to the PacRim  (Pacific Rim) Disabilities Conference and to see the Bubel/Aiken Foundation’s “Hawaii Voices For Change” gala.  Okay, so it’s in Honolulu, and I am going to be attending a tremendously important conference and a dynamic performance by Clay Aiken. All of these folks still cannot fit in my luggage.

Actually, I have been looking forward to PacRim since my trip to talk with caregivers in the Philippines last year. It is crucial to shine a light on the needs of those living with disabilities in this country, but ever so important across the world.  I was excited to see that a political action committee of those living with disabilities had formed last year to help influence the Philippines election and I am cautiously enthusiastic about the strides that they have made since then. We are also honored that Clay Aiken will be the keynote speaker at our Fort Lauderdale Fearless Caregiver conference on April 16 and that we are helping to host the Florida Voices for Change” conference that evening. The foundation is doing great works across the nation and I look forward to many more years of support for those living with developmental disabilities here and around the world.


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The deadline has been extended for the third annual Caregiver Friendly Awards. The new deadline is February 28, 2005. 


Gary Barg


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Feature Story

Supported by a Caring Community
by Sue Stewart

In the past several years, hospicee of CNY has expanded its mission to include palliative care, and has broadened its partnership with hospitals, nursing homes, and other community organizations whose focus also includes end of life care.

Additional Articles:
Eating Right On The Road

Remember the good old days when you and your companions could go traveling and not worry about what, when or where you were going to eat? ...Continued

Suggestions When Feeding Your Elderly Loved One
by Ryan Mackey

Alleviate any diversions when eating, and be basic with your meals:

  • Use only utensils that are needed.

  • Have cups with lids to avoid a mess if spilled. ...Continued

Are You Caregiver Friendly?

QUESTION: What do the producers of a self lifting commode, an exercise video, and a book for children dealing with family illness have in common? 
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Guest Column

Dining with Dignity Even When it Seems Impossible!
By Jo-Anne S. Kelly

The phone is ringing off the hook while you, the caregiver, have your hands full: tying the bib around Dad's neck; stirring the pot on the stove; wiping the tears from your toddler's cheeks while trying to bandage his skinned knee. . .....Continued


Diet and Nutrition Tips

Make dining social. Elderly people often fail to eat well because they don't like to eat alone.  ...Continued

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F   r   o   m       O   u   r       R   e   a   d   e   r   s


Hello, have been browsing your site. I’m very impressed.

What led me to your site is that I am trying to find some salary survey type information on what caregivers earn.  I have a client who has a live-in caregiver and I am trying to ascertain what a reasonable salary is.  Do you know where I might find something like that?  I am in Dallas, Texas.

Thank you.


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