Heat Safety Tips 

  • Increase Your Intake of Non-Alcoholic, Non-Carbonated, Caffeine Free
  • Beverages Such as Water and Juice. 
  • Wear Clothing that is Light in Color and Loose Fitting. 
  • Avoid The Outdoors During Extreme Heat. Stay Out of the Sun. 
  • Stay in an Air-Conditioned Environment if Possible. Shopping Malls Offer Relief if your Home is not Air-Conditioned. 
  • Check On The Elderly. They are Especially Susceptible to Heat Related Illness.
  • Eliminate Strenuous Activity Such as Running, Biking and Lawn Care Work When it Heats Up. 
  • Eat Less Food That Increase Metabolic Activity/Heat. Proteins are an Example.
  • Increased Metabolic Heat Increases Water Loss. 


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