GM’s Mobility Advisor
By Frances Maguire Paist

General Motors knows the importance of getting around. To those whose mobility is compromised, they say, “No problem.” The GM Mobility Advisor is an interactive online tool that helps seniors, caregivers and those with disabilities learn about General Motors’ recommended vehicles, adaptive equipment and available options.

The site starts with a question. By simply clicking with a mouse, the participant sets the stage, advising whether current limitations include the use of no equipment, walking assistance, a scooter, a wheelchair or whether or not he or she is a caregiver for someone else. Drilling down through each option, the participant answers questions that permit the online program to understand the level of independence and type of motor vehicle use anticipated.

The bottom line, of course, is a recommendation as to which General Motors’ vehicle is appropriate for the participant’s use. Along with each recommendation comes a clickable menu called “vehicle benefits.” This writer was very impressed with the subsequent listing of features, attributes and benefits listed for each vehicle recommended. For example, say you’re a power base wheelchair user who plans to drive and considers yourself independent. (These assumptions are answers to questions posed along the way in this interactive interview.) Assume you plan to transfer from the wheelchair into a vehicle seat from inside the vehicle, with your mobility equipment expected to be stored within the vehicle. All of this compiled data helped the Mobility Advisor recommend five possible General Motors’ vehicles, and each recommendation carried detailed specifications about vehicle information, benefits and after-market equipment.

Shopping for cars is hard enough. Shopping for cars with special adaptive equipment needs adds a level of complication that a helpful tool like this can help simplify. Try it yourself:

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