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Caregivers Emotional First Aid Kit



  1. Smile, itís not funny how often we forget to do this simple act and how well it lifts our spirits

  2. Call someone who makes you feel good, especially if you havenít spoken with them in a long time

  3. Have a bite of something sinfully delicious, while being conscious your own dietary limitations. When was the last time you treated yourself to a snack?

  4. Take a bubble bath, once you make sure that your loved one is safe and secure, nothing expresses caregiver self-care better than a leisurely bubble bath

  5. Read, pick up that novel or re-read that motivating poem. When was the last time you turned off the television, turned down the phone and read something nice? (P.S. this tip goes very well with tip number 3.)

  6. Get a massage. Itís like taking a mini vacation. It will relax you and take care of all the tension you build up every day.

  7. Buy yourself some flowers. You deserve it and the sight and smell of something beautiful and fragrant will give you a reason to smile (see number 1).

  8. Take a walk at a pace that allows you to feel the energy of the wind washing over you.

  9. Go shopping buy something ďjust for youĒ, something that makes you feel special.

  10. Go online. You can explore different places, find new friends and learn new things. Make the Internet your getaway even when you canít get out of the house.

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