Breast Cancer Awareness Month


In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we offer these helpful Cancer links to you:

  • American Cancer Society: Widely recognized for its information services and research programs, this society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization.

  • AMC Cancer Research: This non-profit organization focuses its attention on 
    important cancer research in the areas of causation and prevention, nutrition, health communications, behavioral research, and community studies.

  • American Institute for Cancer Research: This site has news, frequent updates, free publications, and healthy lifestyle tips to assist in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

  • Association of Cancer Online Resources: This site currently offers access to 99 electronic mailing lists and other cancer related resources created by cancer advocacy organizations.

  • Canadian Cancer Society: This Society is a national, community-based organization with over 220,000 volunteers whose mission is to eradicate cancer and to improve the quality of life of people living with cancer.

  • Cancer Guide: This site is dedicated to helping you find the answers to your questions about cancer, and especially to helping you find the questions you need to ask.

  • The Cancer Research Foundation of America: This is a national, non-profit health foundation that dedicates itself to the prevention and early detection of cancer through scientific research and education.

  • Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention: A interactive site that allows its visitors to evaluate their risk levels for certain cancers by simply responding to a few questions. The site also contains analysis of each cancer and the symptoms associated with each.

  • International Cancer Alliance: This is a non-profit organization that provides high-quality, focused, user-friendly, cancer information to each patient as well as their physician on an on-going, and person-to-person basis.

  • National Cancer Institute (NCI) Links

  • o Cancer Information Services: This site is that National Cancer Institute's link to the public, interpreting and explaining research findings in a clear and understandable manner. Also unique its personalized services offered in answering questions and assisting when needed. 

    o Cancer Trials: The National Cancer Institute’s comprehensive clinical trials site with current trial databases, news about cancer research, and resources for those participating in trials.

  • National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship: A fixture in communities nationwide, the group is the only patient-led organization working on behalf of people with all types of cancer and those who care for them.

  • National Foundation for Cancer Research: A site devoted to cancer research and providing information on diagnoses, FAQ’s asked by patients, and prevention and treatment updates.

  • Oncolink: This site offers comprehensive information about specific types of cancer, updates on cancer treatments and news about research advances.

  • Oncology Tools: This site focuses its attention on the treatments of cancer and the medications approved by the FDA with a complete description of each drug.

  • Women’s Cancer Network: Provides unique perspective for women in prevention of cancer and treatment of cancer’s unique to women. The site offers women and families the chance to be informed about the cancer itself, the treatment options, and any new therapies possible.

Specific Breast Cancer Websites

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