Back Safety Tips


  1. Assess your lifting limitations, (do you have back or hip problems, etc) 

  2. Are there tools you can use (back support, sliding board, taking out armrest of wheelchair, walker or cane) 

  3. Inform your loved one what you are about to do, (lift, roll them over, transfer) 

  4. Ask your loved one if he or she can assist with the lifting 

  5. Be sure that the surface is not slippery (will you need to put shoes on your loved one) 

  6. NEVER jerk or suddenly pull on your loved one 

  7. Transfer from the strongest side of your loved one 

  8. If your loved one starts to fall, lower him or her gently on the floor and if you think you can not lift them from the floor, get secondary help or call 911 

  9. Lift with your legs and keep a straight back 

  10. Prior to and after the lifting carefully do some back stretches, using proper techniques

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