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 An Interview with Julie Newmar (Page 1 of 3)

An Interview with Julie Newmar

Julie NewmarJulie Newmar, star of stage, screen and television, comes by her love of performing naturally as the daughter of a Ziegfeld Follies performer. Julie was a prima ballerina with the Los Angeles Opera Company before becoming a staff choreographer at Universal Studios and made her big screen debut in the 1952 Bing Crosby musical Just For You.  Julie appeared in the Broadway and film productions of Liíl Abner (1956 and Ď59) and The Marriage-Go-Round (1958 and Ď60); won a Tony Award for Best Supporting Actress for The Marriage-Go-Round.

She also had her legs insured for $1 million and in 1995 made an appearance in the comedy To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.  In the most important role of a lifetime, Julie is caregiver to her son John, living with Down syndrome, and made public her own diagnosis with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Julie sat down with Editor-in-Chief Gary Barg to discuss her career, caregiving and philosophy of life. 

Gary Barg:  You are a wonderful caregiver for your son, John. Can you tell me a little about it?

Julie Newmar:  It is easy; it is natural.

Gary Barg:  How is he doing?

Julie Newmar:  Oh, beautifully.  He is so healthy.  I mean, what a joy!

Gary Barg:  That is terrific.

Julie Newmar:  I guess we are doing a few things right, like his nutrition and the atmosphere in which he lives. I do not know who is doing the caregiving. I think he is the one who is healing me.

Gary Barg:  I know he has Down syndrome.

Julie Newmar:  He has had a couple of things.  He has scoliosis, he has seizures, he was deaf at the age of two.  He had meningitis.

Gary Barg:  You have such a terrific and communicative relationship with your son.

Julie Newmar:  You know,  he does not speak.  He cannot tell me how he feels.  He does not use sign language.  I use sign language with him, but you transcend that.  You can read anyone that you love; read them, just as they read you. 

Gary Barg:  That is what I mean by communicating; you two have a special language.

Julie Newmar:  Yes.  I never feel there is anything lacking about him.


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