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The Fine Line of Food

By Jennifer Bradley, Staff Writer

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These professionals also caution cancer patients to avoid salad bars, delis, buffets, sidewalk vendors and potluck gatherings. These public situations increase the risk of contact with improperly stored, refrigerated or handled food.

Water and liquids cannot be underestimated in their importance during breast cancer treatments. Sports drinks with extra electrolytes are recommended as well. For additional calories, liquid meal replacements are used to help keep the weight up and calorie intake at the recommended level. Multivitamins are important, too. Dieticians can suggest recommendations for both.

To make life easier, buy in bulk to save trips to the store. Keep a grocery list handy for those visitors anxious to lend a hand during treatment. Grocery delivery services are a popular option today for people unable to leave home or looking to simplify life, which a breast cancer patient surely should do while in active treatment.

If after two days, eating is still a challenge, itís time to call the doctor. Otherwise, know that some days will be better than others. Itís the overall balance that matters the most.


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