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Surviving The Storm 

by Robert Goodman
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Hurricane season has arrived. Are you prepared? Do you know what to do? Do you know where to get the special assistance your loved ones need and how to get them to safety?

Get the answers to these questions now, so when a storm or emergency does arrive, you will be prepared.

Where Will Your Loved One Go?

If your loved one lives in an evacuation zone, count on her leaving the house and plan her escape route, including her destination. If she is going to weather the storm at the house of a friend or relative, check out the route now. If roads are washed out or closed, do you know an alternate route?

Most nursing homes, and all those in Florida, are required to have a disaster plan. Find out what it is, exactly what will occur to your loved one and who will supervise him during and after the storm. Ask if a healthy spouse or caregiver can find shelter there as well.

Those who live alone, no matter how capable in normal situations, should not be alone during a storm. They should either have others come to their home or they should arrange to stay with others.

Transportation may not be available for several days after the storm. Let the emergency management office know if your loved one cannot drive and will need to be evacuated. Do this now. Arrange with a friend or relative to help with transportation if the need arises.

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