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Not Another Sleepless Night

By Jennifer Buckley

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A typical day for a caregiver might include on-the-job stress in the morning, a rush to a doctorís appointment for your mother at lunchtime and battling bottle necked traffic in the evening only to come home and figure out what to cook everyone for dinner. By this time, your muscles feel achy and you crave the comfort and security of your bed, but when itís time to turn in, once again you canít fall asleep. Some caregivers exert enough energy during the day to power a small nuclear submarine, but sleep deprivation is a common problem among a large percentage of caregivers.

You find yourself balancing your checkbook mentally, wondering if your boss actually meant what he said and if the planet is really going to run out of clean drinking water. All the traditional sleep techniques have been exhausted: you drank warm milk, ate a bedtime snack, avoided caffeine and took a hot bath. You may have even tried counting those white puffy ranch animals, but to no avail--another sleepless night.

If common sleep inducing measures donít work for you, itís time to try some unconventional methods. Remember, as with all new ideas, keep an open mind. After all, the name of the game is falling asleep.

  1. March of the toy soldiers. Fill your bathtub ankle deep with cool water and march around in it for a few minutes. Itís a proven form of hydrotherapy for sleeplessness.

  2. A room with a view. Visualize something peaceful like dancing butterflies. Time to exercise. If you canít sleep, tell yourself you have to get up and go running, youíll be asleep in no time.

  3. Herbal nation. Try one of the many herbal teas or capsules like Kava Kava or St. Johnís Wart; they could be a safe and effective alternative to traditional sleeping pills.

  4. You are a poet and you didnít even know it. Start writing a well-constructed poem about life in general, it is a great way to re-focus negative thoughts.


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