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Senior Move Managers
By Jennifer Bradley, Staff Writer

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As parents, grandparents, and other loved ones age, their lifestyles must change as well, including the place they call home.  A stressful time in anyone’s life is “moving day”. To leave a home lovingly filled and yes, even cluttered, with decades of memories and memorabilia is an overwhelming task for the person living there, but for the long-distance caregiver, even more so.  

Many companies are popping up around the country, offering practical assistance to long-distance caregivers and compassion to the loved ones needing to change location. These services are not merely the typical brawny “moving guys,” but professional consultants, who provide room-by-room guidance in packing; moving; and deciding what to keep, what to donate and what to toss.

Stepping forward

Help is out there, but where?

The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) is a great place to begin. This non-profit organization specializes in exactly what its name says: moving seniors. Visit and with a simple Internet search by state, a user-friendly contact list of accredited senior-specialized companies is provided.

Many senior moving services offer the full gamut, including planning/prep and downsizing, packing, moving day needs, settling in and follow-up. For a long-distance caregiver who may not be able to be physically present for the entire process, this is more than helpful.

The most time-consuming tasks are those a caregiver may not think of at the onset of a moving process. Disposing of trash, cleaning house, transferring or disconnecting utilities, organizing at the new home, are all services senior move managers provide. They have knowledge for finding local realtors, repair companies, auctioneers, etc. that a long-distance caregiver might not have of the community where their loved one lives.

Many companies providing this service are using a method which involves mentally “placing” the person’s existing possessions into the new home. With a layout of the rooms, and conversations with the client, these move managers can get a feel for how the person would like their new place to be set up. Instead of just dropping boxes and leaving, these services can be hired to stay through the entire process, from packing, to unpacking and even re-decorating.

Some seniors opt to stay at a hotel or caregiver’s home for one night, while the service preps the new place.  This makes the transition easy and stress-free, moving from one “home” to another, filled with familiar sights and smells.


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