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Respite Tips


"I planned with my sister for her to watch my husband on her day off and I treated myself to a day treatment at a local spa. It was much more cost effective than a nervous breakdown!”

“I contacted a local senior service last Friday night and went out for dinner and a movie with my husband. It seemed like forever since were alone like that. Later this summer, I’m going to take advantage of their overnight care so we can spend the night away.”

"My son’s volunteer group from high school are a real blessing. They came over last week for a few hours to entertain my dad, who recently had a stroke. I got to get out of the house to go to my gym again."

"I love my husband more now than ever….last night, he surprised me by cooking dinner for me, my mom, who is living with us now and the kids, kept them quiet somehow and put them to bed without my help."

Start making your list of those people you know you can count on to pitch in and support your respite program this summer. Let them in on your plan and see what they will commit to doing, it can be anything from cooking dinner one day a week to watching your loved one while you go to the park. You’ll be surprised at how little favors add up and how willing people are to help once you ask.
Remember, respite does not have to be found outside of the home or take the entire day. Having someone watch your loved one for a few hours while you luxuriate in a long hot bubble bath counts, too. 

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