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Pink Ribbon Yoga is for Caregivers, Too

By Cheryl Ellis, Staff Writer

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Savasana (pronounced Sha-vah-sah-nah)  Resurrection Pose
Sometimes called “corpse” pose because of the positioning and stillness, “resurrection” provides a kinder, more apt name, focusing on its restorative effect.
Lie flat on your back, arms about six inches away from your body.  Your legs are relaxed, and the feet will naturally fall to the outer sides of your body line.  Palms face upward, with the intention of receiving healing energy from the heavens. 
In yoga, energy is thought to circulate, not only within the body, but from all points of the universe.  By focusing on receiving energy, caregivers offer themselves the opportunity to relax physically, but also visualize and practice receiving from a source outside them.  This transfers to daily life, where expressing the need for help, and then being willing to accept the help is necessary.
Modified Standing Pose
This standing pose is modified by sitting comfortably erect in a chair that allows the back to be straight, but not stiff.  The hands are folded into a prayer position, over the heart.  Head and neck are relaxed, and the visualization is of the spine being strong, like a tree trunk, while the head gently floats atop, like the sun in the sky.
Prayer position of hands is called a mudra, and in yoga there are many hand positions that signify particular meanings.  This one is called “Namaste,” a Sanskrit word that translates to “My evolved self reaches and connects to the evolved self in everyone.” When one person says it to another, it is as a greeting, thanks, or simple connecting of those forces.

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