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How the West Was Won and Other Tales from the Past

By Mechelle Abney

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Aging that smells like death with its essence of crisp Clorox, ready to wipe away whatwas once youthful and vibrant.

Aging that creeps up like a dark vine clinging to a tree.  Slowly suffocating life away and bonding with death.

Aging going unnoticed while the young simply forget to notice because they are in love with what each new day holds.

Life, Happiness, Newness, and Beginnings.

But, it waits for no one, I tell you.  And suddenly it appears –

Like the end of a long day… and taking me with it.


Mechelle Abney is a caregiver for her 82 year old father who is living with Alzheimer’s disease.  She moved in with him about eight months ago to take care of him and enjoys knowing her father as she remembers him.  She says, “writing shares my emotional turmoil of taking care of someone and the aging process.”


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