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Home Safety Tips

By Jennifer B. Buckley

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Grip bars are especially useful in preventing slip and falls and you can place them almost anywhere. Some don’t even require wall mounting and are very sturdy. For instance, the SuperPole is a floor-to-ceiling tension pole that is easily installed. It can help your loved one get out of bed, sit down in a chair or get out of the shower. It acts as a point of balance and support and it doesn’t need a wall for mounting. The company also recommends the smart roll, which attaches to a bed frame or the advantage rail which is a floor mounted support bar that moves with your loved one. For the bathtub, the Dynamic Living has the tri-grip bar that has three textured gripping areas to make it easier for your loved one to get in and out of the tub. Aside form grips aiding in mobility, lighting is also an important element in safety.

Unlit areas can cause potentially hazardous situations. According to Ms. Tannenbaum, “Because of the age-related changes in vision, more lighting is needed to do familiar tasks. It also takes longer for the eyes to focus when there are changes in lighting.” Even changing the strength of a light bulb can improve on safety in the home. Dynamic Living offers a voice-activated light switch called MotionPad that can even activate fans and radios. Additional safety tools the company offers are, a personal paging system and personal emergency response system.

The personal paging system is a small portable pager useful within the home to alert a caregiver or family member when they are needed. The personal emergency response system presents a 24- hour monitoring center contacted when your loved one wears a special bracelet or pendant equipped with an emergency button.

The cost of these home modifications is moderate and the tools are very effective in preventing home injuries. Therefore, the investment is an investment in safety.


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