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Foods for Stroke

By Marie Santangelo, Staff Writer

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It takes time to be willing to experiment with “health” foods, but the people who work in these stores can offer cooking ideas.  Certain foods do not do well being frozen (tofu) or reheated, but labels explain enough to make it easy.

Finding alternatives to butter and oil can also be found in health food stores.  Omega oils, sold by the bottle, double as salad dressings or spreads, and carry flavors as well as butter or margarine.  Many oils, like flax seed oil, cannot be heated, but referring to the label provides the information needed.

Studies are beginning to show that by raising “good” cholesterol, the effects on the body equal those of lowering “bad” cholesterol.  The Journal of the American Medical Association discussed this in a February 7, 2007 issue where four studies of patients with coronary events found that patients who worked on both good and bad cholesterol levels had the most improvement overall. 

What this means to caregivers is that everything we do (and some things are easier than others) to improve the health of our loved ones—and ourselves—has an effect.  Whether we are talking about more exercise, a change in diet, relaxation therapy—any positive change, it works toward everyone’s well being. 

These are only a few of the many alternate transportation methods that are available. It is important to emphasize that it is still possible for someone to be independent and live on their own in the absence of a car and a driver’s license. It is natural for someone to be anxious or even depressed about not being able to drive. In order to address these concerns, caregivers and loved ones need to continue communicating about the need for transportation and how those needs can best be met.


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