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Financing Hope with Modest Needs

By Cheryl Ellis, Staff Writer
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“Just because a need is on the website,” says Taylor, “does not mean that it is automatically funded. Our donors help score the applications in an effort to prioritize the funding that we have each week.”

Taylor adds that IRS regulations prohibit donors from designating their donations to assist a specific individual. Rather donors are involved in ranking applications and staff makes the final decisions on who is assisted based on the final scoring and the amount of money available each week for assistance. In order to determine that funds are used responsibly, money is never given directly to the applicant. Rather, Modest Needs mails a check to the vendor or creditor on behalf of the individual.

Applications that are not funded remain on the website and can continue to be scored each week for 30 days. After that, the application is removed from the site and if the score is high enough, the individual is invited to resubmit their application as long as the need remains.

In 2006, donors have had the special privilege of knowing that their dollars are serving even more people. An anonymous celebrity donor has pledged to match each dollar raised by Modest Needs. For the first time since Modest Needs was formed, the organization has given away 100 percent of its donor dollars and used the celebrity’s funds for operational expenses, as well as giving to meet the needs of individuals who request help from Modest Needs.

Hundreds of persons seek help from Modest Needs each month, bringing an unfortunate dilemma. “There will never be enough money to meet the needs,” says Taylor. “There are people who will not get assistance from Modest Needs, even though they have legitimate requests.”

Caregivers may find that their needs fit the guidelines for Modest Needs and feel that they can apply for assistance. At the same time, some individuals may feel that they have a few dollars to donate each month to help persons who may not otherwise get assistance. Taylor invites both categories of individuals to visit Modest Needs and find out how they may give or get help. For more information about Modest Needs, contact information is available online at

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