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Fighting Resistance From Seniors

By Peter Ganther
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Uprooting an elderly loved one and moving them into your home is difficult enough, but add to that the resistance you may receive, and the caregiving becomes an all-encompassing activity. Your loved one’s natural tendency is to resist care and assistance, if only because they do not want to think of themselves as “old.” Often caregivers will become easily angered and irritated at the thought of a loved one refusing care and this conflict can be very damaging to the entire caregiver-care recipient experience. Understanding the stress and loss of independence your relative faces when they give up their home is the first step in easing the tense situation. Here are a few other ideas that may be helpful if you are experiencing any resistance in your daily caregiving.

Allow the loved one to have a part in the decision making process surrounding their care and well-being. Do not let them feel they have no part in their future, and allow them the chance to voice their view about they care they would like to receive.

The senior may want to start a fight or bring up past actions that occurred, but remain focused on the matter of their care, and do not take part and say anything you may regret later.


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